T3 headlamp harness multi plug

For those that have stared at their headlamp and wondered why someone would put a multi pin plug in the worst possible location, have you figured out how best to keep it secured?

Are those Italians bless 'em, and if my 2012 X10 is anything to go by they still believe no-one is going to ride Italian bikes in the rain

I drilled a small hole into the headlamp bucket either side of the connector plug, and fed a long but skinny cable tie through the whole lot, i.e. hole and both plugs and pulled tight, and it does the job. I learnt I had to do this after taking a bend in Italy somewhere at about 80 on the S3 and losing all power temporarily a few times. :frowning:

Similar approach; threaded cable ties through the slots on either side of the block connector. The slots hold a ‘retaining’ clip on the block connector but there’s room to get a cable tie in there. All the best Steve

Thanks all, a cable tie arrangement it’s going to be