T3 Hydraulic clutch conversion Q

Has anyone done this, what changes did you find, smoother? Easier ?
Any recommendations?
Ware of money or worth trying?


Not converted one BUT the V11 Le Mans DOES have a hydraulic operated clutch and it is light and easy to use I suspect the operating actuator could be made to work on an older bike which would sure make the clutch extremely light BUT then it would mean the right arm would “bulk up” due to the heavy throttle and the left would be all whimpy loike At least the heavy Clutch keeps symmetry in the old grip…

Thanks for the quick response GB. What makes you think that my right arm isn’t already bulked up :wink:

This is what I was thinking of. Gutsibits do them

Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Slave Cylinder


Gentle bump
Cheers Ratty