T3 indicators

I’m thinking of replacing the indicators on my T3 with some that look more like the original type. Genuine ones are too expensive , has anyone found a cheaper supplier? They don’t have to be correct just similar in style. I’ve seen some Lucas replicas online which might do if nothing closer turns up on the web. Cheers. Dougie.

I think the Lucas ones have Imperial threads and so don’t fit the Guzzi stems, but I could be wrong.

Good point I never thought of that, will keep looking.

I bought a set from Motomecca some years ago. Sorry but cannot remember what they cost, but not unreasonable.

I have Lucas replicas on the T3 Mongrel. They look “standard” for the 1970s bikes.
The bike came with them fitted and I got another set from Stafford Show last October.
May be worth taking a stem to a dealer/show.
Good luck

I forgot about Stafford, good call. The Lucas replicas I’ve seen had short stems fitted and I’m still hopeful they might fit. Good idea to talk to somebody selling at the show. Cheers to everyone. Dougie

I used 1970’s Honda CB ones on my T3. They are available with both long and short stems.

Bought some original indicators from Pete of Reboot at last year’s V-Twin, reasonable price and good condition, worth a try.

“Genuine ones are too expensive” ??? :astonished:

Try here
or here
or here
or here
or here
It would seem that the original ones are more expensive by a factor of 2 over the replica ones. On my calculations a set of 4 original ones (if you could find 4 that didn’t need re-chroming) would be the best part of £80.00 and to me that is too expensive. Replica ones at half that would be a bit more reasonable.

You can search for yourself at http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?LH_ItemCondition=1000&clk_rvr_id=1014059404827&adpos=1o2&treatment_id=7&crlp=93148313655_827&MT_ID=12&device=c&rlsatarget=aud-105106656306%3Akwd-28575377121&keyword=moto+guzzi+indicator&geo_id=32251&poi=&crdt=0&ul_noapp=true&_nkw=moto+guzzi+indicator&rt=nc If you get past the first few pages you will find hundred of adverts for indicator buzzers, one at least for each model, I never knew there were so many :unamused:

Too expensive for me. Four cev type indicators with stems £138. I think they are new replicas of old guzzi parts and if the poor quality of the replica original handlebar switchgear I bought are typical , then I will look on the websites suggested for a cheaper non original version. I’m going to Stafford so if anyone sees me taking a close interest in their guzzi indicators I’m not trying to Nick them.

What’s with the re-chroming? All my early Guzzis had black plastic indicator bodies on matt black stems, even the current Convert ones are the same but with US style side reflectors.

Not trying to bling up a fairly scruffy T3 but I have bought all my parts so far from gutsibits and the only ones they show are shiny round ones. I need stems as the indicators on it now are one piece and tiny.

The ones I had on my 1974 850T were cast aluminium and chromed.

Ah right chromed ally, ones I bought were black plastic maybe a tenner each, but would have been 20+ years ago.

Went through same exercise a couple of years ago with my T3, fitted with Aprillia (hmm one L or two) lenses. There used to be a guy on ebay, possibly German who did passable copies but not cheap as chips. I bought a couple and they wouldn’t fit my stems. Looked at ad.again and noted words ‘CEV style’. Suggests to me that Aprilia (one’s got to be right) are not a straight swap for CEV.
Ah, machines with character.

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They are not.
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