T3 Misfire R/H Cylinder - The Solution (Maybe)

After swapping round everything connected to the ignition and finding no change I passed the problem to an experienced mechanic. We found oil in the r/h cylinder, replacing guides has cured this, but also that the r/h carb atomiser is missing! Given that these have to be pressed out and that I didn’t do this, it leads me to believe that ‘something’ occurred when I had them ultra-sonically cleaned. Oh well older and wiser. Jimble2014-08-16 12:26:53

It seems, from what I hear from other Guzzi owners, and from very tedious problems I have had too, that there are (despite it sounding like an urban myth type story) some very dodgy ‘new’ condensors out there currently. My issues were very similar to yours and it has taken me months to sort it - I discovered in the end it was probably down to a 35amp connector that takes power from the battery + to the rectifier slowly splitting - but I bought new condensors from a Guzzi dealer, and they simply didn’t work and only confused the issues I was having. I also checked the coils etc and tried lots of different ones I have spare. I have now put back on the old cruddy Marelli condensors that were on the bike (750 S3) when I bought it 24 years ago, and along with making other repairs/checks, it is now running perfectly. I am only buying genuine Magneti Marelli condensors from now on.

Anyway, I’d say definitely try some other condensors. Got the old ones still? Put them on and see! You have my sympathy!italianmotor2014-08-01 12:58:47

condenser or coil

Bet you 20p Keith it’s the condensors…

I had this problem this week, new condenser faulty, old manky condenser fitted and everything runs fine, I used one of those spark tester lights, like this


Thanks for the advice.
Good news and bad news.
Bad news is I switched the condensers around and problem still persists, right hand pot misfiring left fine. Back to the drawing board.
Good news is I discovered an easy way to remove/refit the complete air box. Also Keith, Italianmotor owes you 20p.

But have you got the old condensors and have tried them, or are you just switiching around new condensors? (really don’t wanna lose those 20 pennies…)

Still have the originals, but in this instance have swapped the new ones round so that the one from the functioning cylinder was then on the non functioning one. It made no difference ergo it’s not the condensers that are causing the problem. Be careful how you spend that 20p.

Ok, fair enough, I’m curious to see what the end issue will be.