T3 numbers

Hi Guys,
Went to look at a T3 today which is for sale locally. Price seems fair however I am a little concerned over VIN and engine numbers and how they differ.
This example has a VIN No. 17183 and engine no. 108759.
The bike is a 1977 model.
Can any of the experts out there give any indication as to whether or not these could have left the factory together?

Numbers don’t match so no way of knowing unless you get a letter from Guzzi which will state frame and engine number of said bike. Of more importance if you want it to be ‘all’ T3 is that the prefixes are the same, should be VD.italianmotor2014-10-11 08:18:58

Thanks IM. Just what I suspected. Yes I forgot to mention in my first post that both prefixes are ‘VD’ albeit a rather unfortunate prefix to have

Well, at least it’s worth a ‘clap’ having the right prefixes!

Heh Heh.

do they match the V5

T3 frame No.s: VD 11111 - VD 26537 T4, VD 21345 - VD 26537 T5, VR 11111 - VR 13115, VR 14001 - VR 14400, VR 30001 - VR 36416, VR 40001 - … Yes engine No.s bear no relation. But seem to comprise of 6 digits. (?) HTH
Mike H2014-10-11 22:07:26

It’s all pie in the sky now. The bike was sold from under me.
Need to act quicker next time…