T3 oil warning light

Last night was the first time in ages that I’ve ridden in the dark and on a very bumpy stretch of road the oil warning light flickered on and off a few times. This may have been a first , but in daylight I may not have seen it. The oil level is up to the top dipstick mark. How worried should I be?Â

knackered switch

Agree, buy a new switch.
Edited to say make sure no loose wiring first.

Thanks for replies, seems obvious I suppose now it’s been pointed out. Back on to gutsibits for the third time today. Cheers. Dougie.

see my post under Non QEM Parts List dated 02 07 13 somewhere doown the bottom of page one.


I rocked up at my local motor factor with the old one and we just looked the equivalent up in their book IIRC - just had to change to bullet connector for a spade one

If that was an Intermotor part you bought, how long did it lasr?


As far as I’m aware its still OK - but it might be lying to me and busily allowing me to trash the engine - watch this space :wink:

1,000 years I kid you not.
ok their products are not the best you can buy but if you dont have the time to order one from the normal Guzzi outlets or wherever and you need to check things out now a Intermotor item is just the job from your local car parts shop, buy two and keep one for spare.

My experience of Intermotor is from the '80’s so I assume quality has improved.