T3 oil

What is the recommended oil for T3s nowadays. The manual specifies 10/50 which seems unobtainable in mineral form. I’m using Castrol 15/40 semi-synthetic, but perhaps that’s a little light. I have 5 litres of Agip 20/50 mineral - would that be better than the GTX? Any responses much appreciated.

20/50, 3 litres of if also changing the filter will be fine.And mineral oil is fine in a T3.Or any old Guzzi tbh.
iandunmore2014-06-02 16:01:00

Thanks Ian

^ Wot he said I used the 10-40 again last year that I normally would have, but in the very hot weather around V-twin time it became as runny as water so the oil light was getting very friendly and winking at me every time I stopped. 20-50 mineral from now on. (And synthetics can leak past the seals.)

I have always used 10/40 semi skimmed for the T3s but will be moving to heavier stuff for the Eldo - get’s a bit red-light flickery unless tickover set at 1200!!

Yes. Incidentally for my R80 BMW’s guide lists a whole load of viscosities depending on climate, but in absolute basics, for our typical climate range, 10-40 for Winter, 20-50 for Summer. I always use 20-50. By the way I was in our Asda superstore yesterday and saw they got their own brand 20-W50 mineral, 5 litres fro £16, I think it was.

And that will be good enough. I hope Lidl follow suit.

I am using American Kendal 20-50 in mine. Wilkinsons offer a gallon of classic 20/50 for £16.

Thanks for all the input. I’m going to switch to the Agip 20/50 mineral oil I already have. I guess that means I need to drop the sump and change the filter to get rid of all the old oil. I am looking forward to seeing if it makes any noticeable difference. I have been aware that the engine seems very, very hot after coming to a halt after a long, hard run.

Try Castrol ValveMaster + in your petrol.For the octane booster, makes the engine run and sound sweeter.

Depends, when was it changed last? If recent then I probably wouldn't bother, at next oil change there will be even less of the thinner grade left behind.  

Mike H2014-06-04 12:39:44

Agree with that.Only a small amount of oil held in the filter.