T3 replacement headlamp

The headlamp reflector on my 78 T3 was shot so I bought a replacement Ring 7" light from this lot on fleabay HERE

The unit duly arrived and fits nicely, except that the light has 3 flat loops equally spaced around the rim in place of the screw and captive nut type of arrangement of the old lamp.

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So, my Q is, have any of you mocked anything up , or have any suggestions as to allow the adjusters to still work?

Do I just ditch the adjusters and crop the screws, and leave them in place as dummies?
Thanks for looking

Oldrat2013-12-15 19:29:54

I replaced the headlight lens and reflector in my T3, and had to do away with the right-left adjuster. I just put in a short screw and nut to plug the hole in the headlight rim. It did need a bit of pushing to sort out alignment, but nothing difficult, and I got there in the end.

Edit - just re-read your post. The reflector should be held in the rim with w clips - you didn’t mention these. Have you got some?fen tractor2013-12-15 20:34:18

Yep me too you can adjust the new lamps height from the side and modern reflectors do not seem to need the angle adjustment the very old oned did

Thanks for a swift response guys.
I’ve me W clips, haven’t seen those so ill go back and have a look at the parts list, unless you have piccies to hand.

I’ll forgo the adjusters as advised, thanks

I just realised that I also need a rubber gasket, the 7" dia one which nestles between the glass and the rim, any thoughts on where I can get one.
Or is it a silicone DIY jobbie?
Thanks again, Brian

I didn’t bother with a gasket, and it doesn’t seem to be a problem. If no-one else responds, I’ll pull the headlight out to take a photo of the w clips, but there should have been some in place already…?

Thanks for that.
I presume that I can just use some wire bent into 3 “W” shapes so that they press the lamp against the rim edge?

Don’t worry about the pics, unless your headlamp is already in bits, but thanks for offering.

Here’s a photo of the “dummy” adjuster:

And this is inside the rim (ooer), showing the back of the dummy adjuster and one of the w clips (I use 4 in total):

If you tried to make your own w clips, you would need something like piano wire, and it would be pretty fiddly to get it right. They are not expensive to buy, so I personally wouldn’t take the risk.

I found a rubber seal in the drainage section of a builders merchants.
Makes up the gap, keeps rubbish and water out.
All the best

Thanks guys, that’s the jobbie, I’ll probably buy a set, times on my side.