T3 Replacement Tank Cap

Has anyone ever fitted a standard replacement petrol tank cap to a T3? Is there a knack to doing it? Looks pretty obvious the way it goes back on but…

Just plonk it on and twist it clock-wise. Or am I missing something?
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the flip up ‘monza’ type ? yep straight forward, just slip the sloted bit over the pins…

In image search Monza’s keep comng up with locking metal flap cover over screw cap (I presume) like Spada NT etc., T3’s keep coming up with chrome flip-up cap like Le Mans’s. Having had the LM version the hinge part slides onto a bracket kind of thing on the tank, and then it has a spring clip type of thing that locks it on, if memory serves correctly.

sorry i forgot where i was, I didnt mean monza as in Guzzi, just the generic term for flip up caps…

Awl-righty then! Awaiting OP’s reply with bated breath EDIT: slotted bits and pins do sound familiar…
Mike H2013-07-29 20:42:19

I have seen 2 types of tank cap on the V1000 and some T3’s BUt the tanks are easily swapped

There is the chrome flip up which on some flip UP so the hinge faces the front and vice versa, later ones have locking chrome caps.

The other is a screw cap Under a flap the variation of that is the cap fitted into the flap

IF you want bling the flip cap is nice BUT for practical touring the flap one is far better for a tank bag

Mind you as all the tanks are interchangeable it could be some had got newer tanks fitted.

The OEM 1976 tank on mine was a chrome fliped one that tank got damaged in a minor collision and was replaced with the type that has screw in cap under a flap

Just the same on my Convert, which uses a T3 style of tank. If yours is the non locking type, replace it with the locking version. The non locking must be the easiest cap in the world to pinch… Click open, fingernail under the spring clip and it’s off…

@ GB I agree the metal flap / screw cap is the nicest for tank bags, when I ordered my 2nd hand SP1 tank from Motoworks those years ago I thought that’s what I was getting, but no SP1 has the chunky plastic version. EXCEPT just prior to the NT (aka SP2)

Yeah I noticed, that flap is similar to the ones fitted to V503 tank flaps I guess it too has the self closing filler cap built into the flap then?


Yep the slightly older design has a separate cap under the flatter flap a heck of alot more stable for a tank bag, and as you saw I kinda need all the space I can get.

For the V twin Annie has the side panniers I can have ALL of the tank bag all for myself !!!

As much as that

Oh Yeahhh for sure i AM Soooo lucky that I am ALLOWED to take so much stuff

Have to say the pile of bags on the carrier was impressive

It does yeah BUT it is sleeping bags and airbeds along with the tent and 2 chairs none of it that heavy I have had more on the bike when we were 2 up and I was 27 stone and Annie an extra 2-3 stone both together now we are not what I weighed on my own, You would need an awful lot of luggage to add 14+ stone nigh on 100kgs to the bike

I forgot about that!