T3 Rotor Bolt Replacement

The center of the bolt is showing signs of wear and I want to replace before it’s too late.
Haynes says ‘remove it’.
I assume you will have to lock the engine to perform this - can anyone advise a numpty proof method please?Â
Thanks in advance.


Hi Mike, assume you mean the allen bolt hex is rounding off, it should be possible to remove it just by putting the bike in first gear, taking up the backlash and giving the allen key a sharp rap, if it is rounding then an impact driver might be the best solution.

Have you got a new one to replace it with? It’s not simply a case of any Allen screw of the right length that will fit, it’s only threaded halfway along and then the remainder is a plain shaft, but narrower than the threaded part. I.e. it’s a special part.

Thanks for your help. Will be buying a replacement, £6 from Gutsibits!

When you come to remove it you have to unscrew it twice. It can be unnerving when the bolt comes loose and waggles about but is only part removed :open_mouth:
It’s a coarse thread and yet still needs a bit of care when taking it out of the second threaded portion.
Best of luck

Thanks Steve, useful to know, I’d be panicking!!!