T3 side stand upgrade

Tried the search but no luck


Has anyone got info about fitting a le mans 1000 side stand to a T3 ?,

Any other ways of fitting a side stand nearer to the center of the bike ?


think don has done it migh be worth a pm

The lemans 4 stand (or from a later T5, spada 3) will bolt straight on, you need a longer couple of bolts to fit it, but it does work a lot better.The big Cali stand is also an other option. Some find them difficult to operate when siiting on the bike. This is mineThe Cali stand, I tried this but didn’t like it on the Spada as I didn’t want to cut the lower fairings to fit

Thanks Don , i like the mid mounted stand better , i’m a shortbottom;>)

Is the stands leg the same as my T3 , just a different fitting bracket ? .

Hi Chilly, Both the stand and the mounting bracket are different. They are quite hard to come by, it might be worthwhile someone asking Gutsibits if it would be economic for them to produce some
.The alternative I have seen done is to fit a stand of an old Triumph or Norton Comando. It still mounts on the front engine bolt so tricky to put it down when sat on the bike.
This is the one I have fitted.

Thanks Don , i maybe have a go at making something myself .

I would have thought it would be a saleable item for Gutsibits or some other Guzzi outlet to have these made , BMW independent outlets have one made for the R series bikes which have the same problem , they sell for around £65 .

The stand itself isn’t much different, it might need a cut and weld to either lengthen it or shorten it.
The bracket is made of thick steel and needs to be thick and strong to prevent it bending under the weight. It does have a bend in it to angle the stand out from under the bike.

Thanks , will take that info on board , will let you know how i get on .

Chilly of St Nuts ;>)

Decided to swap my Police type stand on my G5 special onto my T3 cooking model , making a mid mounted one was not going to be quick or easy i reckon .

Now fitted .

I can easily use the side stand now with the bike loaded + its a very stable bit of kit , especially when the bikes loaded up with camping kit , not like the the standard short one fitted right at the front of bike , making it very unstable and hard to use for a short house , yep !, well worth the effort .

Theres got to be a market for someone to make the mid mounted ones , they would surely sell if priced the same as the BMW aftermarket ones at £65 approx .

Heres a new solution to the Guzzi side stand problem, all the way from Japan!http://motollife.blogspot.jp/2014/07/comfortable-side-stand-for-le-mans.html

Thats a good mod

Maybe put it in the Tech Info section for future ref .chilly2014-10-07 08:14:53

The Triumph side stand conversion works very well, I used to work at Astico Moto and and the boss Roger the Dodger used to have batches of them made up. Not sure if there are any around nowadays though.

My Spada/G5 has one, and it is good.

What Triumph would that be ?

I was told its T140

Yep, sounds and look right, cheap enough to weld/fit onto a Guzzi mounting bracket: Triumph side stand

Are we talking about fitting it to the original front mounting lug or one fitted to the rear engine mounting bolt which entails making up a bracket to suit ?

Just a wondering

I will be making my own, out of stainless,

Just finished making one for my BMW r80g/s

But I only have a picture of it half finished!

They do take quite some time and effort to make though, so I won’t be making them for anyone else!
ianboydsnr2014-10-08 20:11:26

Well, I am working from memory from more than 20 years ago so please forgive any vagueness, but the ones I used to fit were fitted to the front mounting lug as per the original side stand. The original Guzzi mounting bracket was used and I guess the Triumph side stand was either welded to a the stump of cut-off Guzzi side stand, or it was bolted on to the mounting bracket. Roger Powell is still around doing stuff with Guzzis, you could ask him, but I don’t have any details for him. The conversion worked well however, and was more subtle than sticking on a T3 Cli/Convert etc stand.

The Triumph side stand can be seen in this older thread page 3Cali Side Stand