T3 starter motor questions

It seems the starter motor on my T3 has decided starting a bike is not what it wants to do

According to the Bloke, it spins, but he can stop it with a toothbrush, he tried this and I’m now a tad worried as to whose toothbrush he used

I’m guessing that for a 1977 vintage bike, these can be rewound, mended, or reborn, or whatever the technical term is

But where do we send it? I thought of West Country windings, now based in Essex

But am I right in thinking this?

Over to you guzzi club chums, thanx very much

Google it with your location, Guy reconditions ours, pity you aint closer…

As Kate says there will be someone reconditioning them not too far from you.
I got mine done via a car auto-electrician, Avoid bike shops unless you want grief
Best of luck

Reconditioned they are as good as new.

can recondition in Leicester if any use Dismantled cleaned tested new contacts in solinoid com skim new brushes repainted black usually around £80 - £90 + postageEx smokingbiker2014-05-20 16:23:16

I am told they are chinese copies but there are some real cheap Guzzi Valeo starters for sale on Ebay, most are listed in GermanyStarter Motor, New Moto Guzzi Ambassador California Centauro Eldorado D6RA21If you search Guzzi Starter it comes up with loads.

Thanx all
Got a bit tied up with work yesterday so couldn’t reply sooner
The Bloke rang west country windings, they suggested London and Essex auto electrics

My starter motor is winging it’s way there and I have the starter motor off the spada as an interim fix

PS exsmoking biker, thought I should tell you, I finally have my old RD back up and running what fun

Great news brilliant bike and such fun