T3 tank bag

Riding home tonight from the fenland branch meeting, my magnetic tank bag slid off the tank into my lap. Can anyone recommend a tank bag that clips onto a base fixed on the tank. I’ve started looking on eBay but there’s millions on there. Â Another good meeting by the way. Cheers Dougie.

Baglux, not the cheapest but easily the best.

I have an Autokicker magnetic bag and it’s never moved. Includes a safety strap that goes around front of steering head, but never actually needed to rely on it yet. Â So far!

Before that I used a strap-on base type bag but the straps were always a PITA  to put on. Â

I had an Oxford one, that had a strap around the head stock, never caused any problem except seeing the clocks when it was full!

Maybe the question is why does bag slide off, can’t say for all designs of course but in the case of the Autokicker the magnets (4 off) are removable but have to be inserted in their pockets the right way round, wrong way round and the field is very weak and virtually useless.Â

I think  I had the bag a bit too close to me and the petrol filler flap created a gap under the bag enough to pull it off at 75 mph. It was fine at any speed on my trident although that had a screen. Baglux look very good but too dear for me at the moment. In this online world we live in none of my local dealers hold much stock of luggage, but I need to try some before buying.

Oo-er where are the magnets located then? On mine they’re in flaps down the sides so grip the sides of the tank. Also means my knees can hold down the rear ones too.Â

I use an Oxford ‘First Time Luggage’ bag on my 850T. It has the headstock strap but seems to stay put without it. Don 't get your ignition key anywhere near the magnets, or you might spend 2 days looking for it whilst in central France too, bit that’s another story!

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I have had my LM tank resprayed 3 times before I discovered Baglux.
Expensive yes but good.
Moto Legends do the bases for £95.00, bags vary.

I’m coming round to the baglux idea. Buy a new base from motolegends and look for a used baglux bag on eBay to save some money. Several models for sale, need to research which one to look out for.

I forgot to mention, the early tank bra designs are not complete tank covers but do cover the tank where your knees grip and scratch.
Still reckon they are the best though.
And yes bags come up on ebay all the time I am told, I don’t have the connection at work.

If it is of any use, I have a Bagalux bag holder and small bag going spare. it is in bright red and has hidden at the back of the garage for a few years, all there but the clips are a bit rusty. it looks useable. PM me and will send pics.
Cheers, Gerry.

Gerry thanks for offer of bag holder, I have tried to pm a message , not sure if it made it . It reads as sent but is still in my outbox. Â Dougie.

I think it stays in the outbox until recipient has read it.

I will get the hang of this. Â Eventually.

Message sent.

thanks again to Gerry, ihave a baglux tankbag and harness.