T3 Timing Cover

Popped my T3 timing cover off for a look (engine in frame). Is there a knack to getting it back on? The front engine mounting section of the timing cover is no longer an easy fit between the frame lugs. I do have a very nice large rubber mallet but resisted using it so far!

Put some wood wedges between the frame tubes and the engine to open out the frame.

Have to confess to just hammering mine back in …

… well with a bit of wood between it and the hammer…

I read somewhere that the Tonti frame had +/- 1mm at every weld as its tolerance.
That could wind up as a fair few mm if they all went the same way.
John Blackburn of this parish methinks was the source about 20 years ago.
He had what he thought was a bent frame and couldn’t source a replacement so had to research it.

I’d have to go for the piece of wood to ease the frame tubes apart.
It’s also possible to ease in the cover at a slight angle so that it has a leading edge. Once both ends are engaged it’s a soft tap with a rubber mallet to ease it straight.
Good luck Steve

I agree with Ralph and Steve, wooden wedges to ease the frame tubes apart just a little is the best way aheadÂ

Job done, used 2 small plastic door wedges and it didn’t take a lot to give enough frame clearance, thanks for the suggestion, the wedges might need to live in the garage now!

Trevor: Brilliant idea! Wedges now out of the DIY box and into the “Guzzi Special Tools” section :slight_smile: All the best Steve