T3 tyres

Probably already “done to death” but reconmendations for tyres for t3, seen some tubeless, suppose you just put a tube in them on borrani spoked wheels?

I’ve been using Maxxis Promax on my T3 M6103 110/90-18 Rear and M6102 100/90-18 Front bought from Pneus online - good value and fair wear rate with good grip dry or wet.
(Maxxis also sell Hi Max which are not so grippy)
Most tyres are now supplied suitable for tubeless mounting - just use a tube (Continental supply good tubes)

Yeh, think I’ll go for them. ThanksRaeburn2014-03-21 11:50:25

I like Bridgestone BT45 in ours, (but higher inflation than you may be used to, see their website), have also used Metz and Avon

Always look on the manufacturer website or get advice from the fitters some tubless tyres are not suitable to fit on rims meant for tubed tyres I was led to understand.

Some , like the older roadrunner and the BT45’s can have tubes in BUT there are 2 types of BT45 I only found THAT out when the tyre shop got the “wrong” BT45 for the V1000 and had to get it swapped for one that will take a tube.

BT45’s with higher psi good.

On my Spada (alloys rather than Borrani rims) I have always found that Pirelli Sport Demons work best. I have also had good results from Metzelers. The most disappointing tyres I’ve used are Avon Road Riders, they became unacceptably twitchy very quickly.

On the other hand the Venom I’ve got is good but can only get it in the front tyre size now (100/90 18). If a teansy bit on the wide side.

The current rear Venoms are stupidly fat (no good for Tontis )

guzzibear2014-03-21 23:36:46

Apologies for the hijack but it’s related… really
I’m thinking of buying sports demons for my T3. I’d welcome feedback about them. Wheels are spoked borranis so will need tubes.

T3 roadrunners or BT45’s work well …the new roadriders are truly awful

I agree about Roadrunnners, prob is very poor choice of sizes, I get the impression they are being phased out

I use BT45s and they seem good to me. But then I do not wring its neck at all!

I’ve got Sport Demons on my T3 Cali, also with spoked wheels. I can’t comment on their performance in the wet, but I’m happy with their dry weather grip and handling. I’ve only had the bike a year, so I don’t know what wear is like, but they weren’t new when I got it, and seem to be holding up fine.

Thank you FT
Just what I needed

I have run BT45s on my S3 and T3 Cali for the last 8 years, tyre pressures 32 front 36 rear - love them. Have heard good things about Sport Demons but T3 Cali’s hardly sporty. Might try 'em on the S3 next time.italianmotor2014-03-22 20:21:38

Hardly worth sporty tyres on the V1000 the footboards scrape

Anbody change their own tyres or is it a “professional only job?”

I do it sometimes, easier on spoke wheels than cast. It’s annoying though if you nip the tube on the last little bit. I break the bead in a vice and have decent quality tyre irons, and tough knees…

I did but not with tubeless.However Tony Botto showed me how to bead out a tubeless tyre with a foot pump.Take the valve out of the insert and blow it out that way. Works.