T3 tyres

Can anyone recommend good tyres for my 83 T3 please. At the moment  it has a worn out metzeler laser on the front and an unworn Avon roadrunner on the rear. Neither have an age code that I can see, so depending on price I would like to change as a pair. Showing my ignorance here but the valves look like they have tubes in even though they are cast wheels. Any thoughts would be appreciated . Cheers Dougie.

Hello Dougie
I have Avon Road Riders on my 1980 T3 , very pleased with the handling and reasonable cost as well :sunglasses: .
Oh! they have tubes in as well .

Chilly from the St Nuts Cambs Chapter :wink:

Pirelli Sport Demons. Work OK for me, don’t know how they compare on price.

Plus 1 for the Sport Demons. They were on the bike when I bought it, so no idea of cost, but handling and grip are both good.

+2 for sport demon, mail ordered mine from  mytyres.co.uk as were cheaper than elsewhereÂ

+3 For the Sport Demons very grippy & an order of magnitude better than Roadriders.

Looking like sport demons if the price is right, is it good practice to always replace the tube as well?

Yes, and try to get michelin tubes rather than the dodgy chinese ones.

try here for tyres,a lot cheaper

I have fitted Continue Go tyres and they are very good wet or dry and the do not cost an arm or a leg.

I reckon all the tyres suggested would have been fine for me, I’m not a fast rider and even slower in the wet. So I ordered sport demons with Michelin tubes mainly on price from tyreleader in Germany. Thanks for all the help. Cheers Dougie.Â

Looking at Sport Demons for my G5, they only come in tubeless I think, are they ok used with tubes?


I ended up using tubes with my sport demons even though they have tubeless written on them and my T3 has cast wheels. The fitter said that combo was ok. I found tyre leader from Germany was the cheapest and they came in four working days. I bought Michelin tubes from another supplier on Internet but at £15 each tube next time I might buy cheap ones , against all the advice I’ve been given. If I do I will post on here if they let me down.

All tyres must be tubeless by now. BUT you also need tubeless compatible rims, if not then inner tubes must be included.

I am also very happy with Avon Roadriders. Â They are very neutral and last well. Â Make sure you get a rear tyre for the back as those marked as universal are soft and wear quickly on the back.

My T3 has cast wheels that require tubes and I got a puncture last weekend, although I couldn’t really blame the tyres.

Even if a tyre is marked tubeless all they will have done is change the mould inplant.
Definitely wouldn’t use cheap inner tubes, Michelin are good.
I used BT 45’s on my LM111 and found them fine.

I put Bridgestone BT45s on my 850 T3 Cali. They were very good; but then I never ragged it.
All the best,

When mine let me down it was at about 120mph on the M6 just South of Manchester.
A 15’’ split along the mould line.
Quite hairy for a few minutes.