T3 warning light bulb holder

I’m looking for 8 or so of the above. Dual spade warning light bulb holders if anyone knows where they can be had? Fairly small diameter at 9mm…

If you find 'em let me know the oem ones are about tatered but then they are 38 yrs old I do know Suzuki use the same bayonet type bulbs so maybe pop to a Suzuki dealer??

I also know that Peugots used the same bulbs BUT their fitments are designed to plug into a pcb so are no good for the Guzzi

Gutsibits had some.

I have 4 spare old ones, the old part number was 14 7686 51. no longer stocked by Moto Mecca or others under that part number, you can try the normal new/2nd hand Guzzi dealers/breakers, but if you want mine please PM me .

northwest2013-06-13 20:50:04

pm sent