T3 Wheel Spindle tightening

I’m currently re-building a 1981 T3 with cast wheels. I found out whilst fitting the front wheel that the manual doesn’t seem to cover the set up I have. My forks have a threaded pinch bolt on the left fork tube and a straight through pinch bolt on the right. There is only one spacer on the spindle nut (right) side. My main question is - Is there a specific order to tightening the three bolts/nuts ?ie spindle nut and the two clamp bolts/nuts.Also, should there be a lock nut on the left (threaded) side bolt ? I’m wary of over tightening after reading the warning in Guzziology. There’s no torque specified in the manual so I assume it’s the standard for a 10mm bolt.

In the absence of any other data I’d do as you suggest on torque settings for bolts. I usually work up to the torque settings in increments where there is a risk of over tightening.
Order of tightening (AFAIK) is spindle then pinch bolts. Use this on all the Guzzis and haven’t lost a wheel yet
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Thanks for that. Is there a technique for holding the spindle ? The slotted end suggests an oversized screw driver but at 100 ft lbs it’s difficult to hold still.

The pinch bolts are just there to stop the spindle turning, so don’t overtighten them. Treat them as M6 bolts if you must find a torque figure. Too easy to crack the fork ends, as many Stelvio owners will attest.

Thanks for you help, guys. The front end is back together at last.

Yes, take care with the pinch bolts. I didn’t and it cost me a fork leg for my T3.

See also ‘Am I a spanner short of a set’ thread, re wheel nut tightening