T4 Original tool kit contents

As someone who tends to carry the kitchen sink, I thought a slim down was in order. So I am looking for a list of contents for the original MG tool kit and of course any vital extras that they missed?

Nice to be back,

many thanks


Hello Mr Dog,
I can’t tell you what was in the original tool-kit but here are a few things that I have added to mine.

  1. JB Weld ( or Chemical Metal ). I once used this when I cracked the sump on a bike. You don’t need much.
  2. Zip ties. A handful of long ones. You can cut them if they’re too long, but you can’t make short ones longer.
  3. Spare plugs AND a spare HT cap. If your bike gets knocked over and you don’t have engine guards you are likely to break both. Small and easy to carry.

Can’t remember exactly what was in the original - I only had the one with a 1979 Spada - the most handy part being the 22/24mm double-ended ring spanner, which does drain/filler plugs and wheel spindle nuts. Next most useful was a small flat sliver of metal with a notch in one end, this is a valve adjuster holding tool (while you do up the locknut). There was a nasty flat blade screwdriver having just the blade bent round into a loop by way of a handle, and a strange double-ended box spanner affair with integral ‘tommy bar’, 10 and 13 mm bolt heads I think. I don’t remember there being a spark plug box spanner, if there was and if it was any good I would probably still have it (which I don’t think I do). As I thought it was all mostly junk except the 22/24mm ring spanner and the valve adjuster holding tool, the only two bits I kept and used, the rest was replaced with better alternatives and the OEM bits finally got lost.

+1 about spare spark plugs and cap, for the same reasons. :smiley:

Also, plugs can just pack up, rare but not impossible.