T5 Air Pressure...?

You know how it goes, the job started off as just doing the leaky fork seals, now it’s a full blown restoration… :unamused:

The lower forks have been powder coated, and I’m waiting on the Stanchions to come back from being hard chromed, everything is going along just fine, all except that tiny bit of information I can’t find anywhere… :astonished:

My 87 T5 has an air valve at the top of the forks, and both forks are linked with a flexible balance pipe, that’s a tyre type valve by the way. So I need to ask the panel…What’s the air pressure needed for a happy working pair of forks, I’m guessing not too much perhaps 5psi… :question:

But we ALL know what thought did…


Never needed to do this, but found an online reference that suggests “less than 10PSI and use a hand pump only”

Guzziology says 14pounds for a v65, but a bit later (pg 575) two to ten psi.

FAC forks allow 7 to 29 psi.


Thanks for that Simon, I’ll bung in 10lb and see what happens, once I get the Stanchions back that is…:+1:

And to finish up…

After the rebuild and 10 psi in the forks, job as they say is a good un, did over 130 miles test run t’other day and all is well, nothing fell off and I didn’t have any Spares left over… :astonished:

Once I’ve sorted out a dodgy switch on me heated grips, which I plan to do next week sometime before this holiday ends, it’ll be back to the commute… :smiley: