T5 Brake Switch...The Final Solution

You may recall me asking about the front brake light switch on Thunderbird 5 a while back… :question:

Thing was, I didn’t want to fork out the £40 Gutisbits wanted for one, just looked and they now want £47 for it… :astonished:


So if you’re looking for one, they don’t seem to last all that long, I’m SURE I bought one when I first got the bike on the road, then it was only £35. I’d recommend you have a go at fitting one of these


Simply fits into where the hydraulic brake pipe goes into the reservoir, two wires hooked up with a bit of heat shrink, bleed the system and job’s a good un… :wink:

That’s what I said,
(6th of Jan)

Fitted one on my V11 last summer. Does the job.

But Phil lad, I’m GORMLESS and never took in your advice… :frowning:

And I’ve just found out that the switch I got wasn’t £6.00 it was £2.67… :smiley:

Even more money left for Ale, happy daze are here again… :laughing:

All Good,
Enjoy the Ale

Be interested how long this lasts. Cheap is OK, but very cheap would make me wonder. :wink:

Having said that, a while back I bought two handlbar clamp mount switches, these are like single rocker on-off like for an extra lamp or something (indeed legend is a lamp symbol), not all singing all dancing kosher handlebar switches - one was £16 the other £2.97 or something, So I thought right OK get one of each to see what’s the difference? Answer: virtually none! Minor differences in design & manufacture otherwise virtually identical, look almost the exact same, work the exact same, innards (the metal & moving bits) the exact same! Go figure :astonished:

Mike H, I’ve just finished my 257 mile commute for the week, and everything is working OK. Brake comes on when the lever is pulled, and so does the brake light… :smiley:

So far so good, if I get more than a year out of it, I’ll be quids in. The last Gutisbits one, only worked for about 18 months… :frowning:

And at the price they are now, I can get 18 of these and would still be on the up… :wink:

Only thing I can see that MIGHT fail, is the rubber that’s in the copper sealing washers, if they start leaking I’ll simply get some British made ones from Kempton, next time I’m up there for me BSA bits and bobs…So I’m STILL up on the deal… :smiley:

Nice result Shaun, no excuse now for not crossing the Thames and meeting the Essex boys and girls :smiley:

Chris950s, just WISH I could, thing is the Essex meet is always on a day I’m doing other things… :unamused:

And now we’re getting into camping/Rally season, I WILL get there one day, I promise. Just look for the old heap with the big White barn door fairing, that’ll be Thunderbird 5… :wink: