T5 Charging Troubles

My T5 seems to have charging troubles yet again… :smiling_imp:

Been toying with the idea of fitting some sort of Alternator and all the other gubbings, up grade. But being GORMLESS, I’ve got no idea what one to get, so thought I’d see what the Panel thinks… :question:

I’m after something that’s a sort of fit and forget jobbie, can’t keep wondering if the battery will have enough volts in it, to get me where I’m going, specially when I have to leave for work at 02.30 in the morning… :frowning:

The charging circuit is pretty good.
Have you checked the output etc? It could be something simple.
The battery can be a problem and (wait for the screams :wink: ) I’ve found gel type batteries useful Odysey, Motobatt etc are worth a look.
This is an easy and useful read, I keep the link on my phone for roadside reassurance http://www.thisoldtractor.com/guzzitech.dk/pdf/charging-around-the-circuit-john-noble.pdf

Good luck

Thanks for that Steve, I have a motobatt and the bike’s been re-wired by that VERY expensive bloke, Ferret… :astonished:

But it seems once in a while, I have the Amp meter, show that the charging system isn’t doing it’s thang. And yes, it’s ALWAYS something simple. But it’s bloody annoying, so thought if I swapped it all out, for something a tad more reliable, I’d never have a worry. It’s a pain in the chuff, having that worry in the back of the mind, as I’m on me way to work, or on me way home when I’m in a rush to so something. OR, as usual, when its pouring down, and I’m also late for something. THAT’S the time when all bikes seem to breakdown… :unamused:

Just thinking I’d throw some money at it, and take the worry away. Just not sure what system is best… :wink:

Is your T5 still the Bosch system, or the later Ducati Saprise-ya one?
My old Spada has the Bosch system and that is generally pretty reliable. A volt meter would be more use than an ammeter in my opinion. It will show low readings at tickover with lights on, brake light on, but as long as it picks up once you are moving, don’t worry about it too much.

it has the Bosch system

As Keith said, the Bosch system, and the last time I ignored the Amp meter reading, I spent 3hrs just outside Blackwall tunnel, in the rain, trying to talk on a phone. On the side of a very noisy motorway… :frowning:

A thing I expect with one of me BSA’s, but NOT my Guzzi, that’s just not on. SO, I’m after making this right. I’m slowly getting there, with everything else on the bike, just these electrons. My plan is to use the bike for the next 9yrs, till I’m FREE of work, so with everyone’s help, I KNOW I’ll be able to achieve this… :smiley:

Does it play up when you are doing low revs with lights on etc?
Remember the the rear brake lights pull 44watts , plus headlight on another 45, indicators another 42 watts. The system won’t charge with all that lot going on, but should soon pick up once you get moving.
Brushes are the usual problem spot, but I seem to remember you know all about them :laughing:

Think the problem is the bloody Diode Board AGAIN… :imp:

This’ll be the THIRD one since I dragged the bike out of it’s 20+ year sleep, in that dark dank garage. £66 from Gutsibits, and with crossed fingers, all should be well. Until the next time a transistor blows, if I wasn’t so bloody GORMLESS, I’d fit a nice modern type one. Might have to learn how to do that, cos you just KNOW this’ll end in tears… :frowning:

Sometimes I wish I never liked this bike so much, a box of Swan Vesta and all the worries would be gone, BUT… :wink:

This is a real long shot.
There is a small earth wire on T3s that may be the same on your bike. It is hidden behind the fuse panel. Is it OK?

There is a replacement for the Diode pack/regulator that is considerably cheaper, about £25.00 4 years ago.
I have fitted one as my old system was fine after 30 years but some on here might have.
I have a diode pack spare you can try out if you live within distance.

Bosch system are really simple and effective.
Make sure all your contacts are clean.
Make sure the brushes are in good order.
Strip and thoroughly clean the main earth bolt normally under the battery tray.

Thanks for the very kind offer Ian, but I should have the new diode board in me paw this Thursday. Interested in that cheap replacement though, don’t suppose you’ve got the details handy… :question:

I’ll clean up all the Earthing points I can find, you’ll know when the bike’s back on the road, it’ll be bloody raining again… :unamused:

Possibly the best person to talk to is Brian UK on t’other forum.
I think Eddie cox did it on his MkIII but his computer is all American at present.

Ian, T’other forum… :question:

Nope ya lost me there lad, what t’other forum, perhaps a PM if it’s a secret, if you wouldn’t mind… :wink:

Can’t be mucking about too much, just heard on the News them bloody French are going to blockade the ferry & train, so I REALLY need the bike back on the road. I’ll never get home otherwise, the joys of being a continental Lorry driver I’m afraid… :cry:

I am reminded that it is some time since we gave them a good thrashing, but then they don’t play any sensible sports like cricket.
Though we did hand them their ersse in the 6 nations.

Ian, now ya REALLY lost me…?

Don’t do or indeed like, any sports, cricket soccer rugby or tennis. Sooner watch the French Blockade the ports. That’s how much I hate them sports. I speak a tiny bit of French, can get Italian/Romanian/Polish and Swedish translated, perhaps you could pick one of them and tell me…?

I’m in France right now, but will be home on the morrow, take ya time, slowly slowly catchy Monkey…

Here: http://www.guzziriders.org/forums.html

Ta muchly DrD… :smiley:

Got the new diode board fitted, and bugger all, it’s STILL not charging, and there’s no secret Earth point, hidden under the battery… :question:

Flashed the alternator, by putting a wire from the + terminal of the battery, to where the Blue wire terminal is on the alternator, and bugger all, then I used a known GOOD rotor, nothing, flashed with that fitted, nothing. Swapped back to my rotor, NOTHING… :smiling_imp:

As my American Guzzi chum would say, WTF is wrong with this bloody thing, why isn’t it charging the battery, I’ve got good connections, the regulator has been swapped with a known good one. So WHERE else do I look, only thing I’ve NOT done is have the tank off, is there something under that that’s causing me grief… :frowning:

Another week of being stuck in traffic at the Dartford cross…HELP… :astonished:

Sounds like you may need to start frying up the burgers on and call the services of Keith!
There is a fairly simple little guide here:-
Read from page 17 on.
I guess your T5 has some form of multi connector under the tank where the main loom connects to the front end wiring etc. A dodgy connection in there could mess things up.
Is your charging light working OK?
I’ve sent you an email with another little guide to read through and some tests to try.

To flash the rotor, you need 2 leads from the battery, one to each of the 2 slip rings.
Have you checked the rotor resistance? Remove the brushes and check the resistance across the two slip rings. It should read 3.5 ohms. A dead rotor will give no resistance.

It could be any on the connections between the alternator, regulator and rectifier also all of these are earthed. Take the connectors apart and clean the spades with fine wet and dry, scrape inside the female spade with a tiny electrical screwdriver and then pinch the female spade with pliers to ensure a tight fit. Best to do this one at a time so you don’t start swapping wires about. Any bolted earths take off and clean and re fix with a dash of Copperslip. If you want a pdf coloured wiring diagram send me your email via PM and I will send you a copy FOC

Good luck!