T5 Wheels

Hi All,
Would like to get rid of both wheels on my T5, no I’m not doing a Hengis pod but a return to spoked wheels and stainless rims seems good. The front is a weird small size cant see much difficulty in either grafting on a whole new front end with forks returning the ride height by shorter forks or raising in the yokes. The rear has to fit shaft drive does a T3 hub fit can you buy a hub? anyone had this problem and or solution. trying to make something roughly similar to " Metalica" the italian custom Guzzi.

Thanks regards Ratt Gloucester

I would think that T3/T4 wheels would fit without alteration however someone with a better knowledge of the fork centres etc will be along soon. Rims are traditionally aluminium, Borrani ones originally are now very rare, Ackront ones are similar. Both are flanged type rims and tend to collect water and dirt.

Only going by what I’ve read, spoked wheels a la T3 etc. are now as rare as rocking horse do-do’s and way over-priced accordingly, IF you can find any. Ditto I would think the parts, like a T3 rear hub. But yes I would imagine getting your own wheels built is best bet.

Hi Ratt, rear spoked wheels are more common than front ones, the only difference will be the hub spacers but I’m sure there are plenty of people in the club who can give you the measurements or even make up some replacements. The front fork geometry is a bit different and a pair of forks for 18" wheels, ie T3 or Spada, would be the best answer.
Cheers, Gerry.

Thanks all for the reply’s, I did a rough enquiry with the German company / and they said thinking there may be some being made. Which as I have a mate who is managing director of an aerospace machine shop is a possibility :wink: so anyone out there with a T3 hub being used as an ashtray I want it, even a duff un will do. Thanks regards Ratt Gloucester

Don’t forget the Mille also had a spoked wheel option, and of course the 1000S, though of course you don’t hear of many of those being broken for spares…

Gutsibits are arranging to have the T3 hubs re - manufactured, they hope to start getting hubs this summer.These hubs can be built up to suit a range of models and offsets etc can be sorted during the build. As for rims there are various options available - I may be making some up myself in the summer to suit my Spada. For information I am a wheelbuilder by trade and have a small wheelbuild business so would be happy to take on wheel work, rebuilds, re rims etc. if needed. I wait to see the costs on the hubs mind, as once you add in , bearing, seals, spokes and rims it could be getting quite pricey. Brad.

Hi Brad yes interested in new hubs n wheels can you let me know of the hub situation cheers Ratt