Tank bag for California 1100i

Not exactly a technical question - but - I’d be grateful for recommendations for a tank bag for my newly-acquired Cali 1100i. Although it’s well-equipped with HB panniers and box, I don’t want them on all the time, and there are a few bits and pieces I always like to have ready to hand (road atlas when I’m in unfamiliar territory, folding walking stick, bottle of water, medication)

Thanks in advance.

I use oxford with the tacky non slip sheet under it so as mot to scratch tank , the magnets are powerful but still a very strong fixing even through the matting , poundland or factory warehouse

My bike also cali 1100i 95

I have the magnetic Cargo Endurance bag like this one


Comes with waterproof cover and can be unzipped from the magnetic bit to make a rucksack and the mag bit also has a clear pocket in it for maps

A good bit if kit


PS don’t get this one as its missing some of its straps
tris2014-05-07 07:34:33

Bagster harness and bag - expensive, but worth it in my opinion and protects the paintwork and looks nice

Thanks for the replies.

I’ve been using a Famsa SBK Big Bag on the Aprilia for several years - it’s lasting very well, and I’d hoped to be able to use it on the Cali. Unfortunately, Famsa don’t appear to offer a base to fit the Cali.

I know the Bagster stuff is good kit, but I really, really don’t like the look of the tank cover.

I use the Baglux tank cover/mounting pad which allows you to quickly fit and remove any of their tank bags.

It mounts on straps round the steering head and under the rear of the tank.

That looks promising; thanks.

PS, gtmdriver. Is this the one?


And which bag do you use?MartDude2014-06-01 12:48:58