Tank bag for V11 [Plastic tank]

I’m thinking of getting a tank bag for a 2002 V11 Scura; does anyone have any experience on what works and what doesn’t??
I’m looking for something about 20L +/- 5L.
Many thanks in advance, Noel

Me too. Recall there is a chap in Essex. We may get a discount if we double up. Does yours have an external fuel pump too?

Hi, Yep external fuel pump & plastic tank so I’m assuming magnetic fixings are out of the question; that restricts the options to a tank lock or straps. Feel free to correct me if any of this is wrong. I’ve looked at Hepco & Becker [v. pricey!!], Givi [Pricey!] & Oxford. Do you have any details on ‘Essex Man’? I’ll gladly double up if it’s going to save money & the product suits my needs. :slight_smile:
Rgds. Noel

noelcockfield ‘at’ aol ‘dot’ com

I use a Kreiga US 10 & tank converter on my V11 LeMans, but you have proper bars on a Scura so the 20l one should fit fine. It has straps at the front & velcro at the back, you can unclip the back to fill the tank easily and the roll top dry bag system keeps the main pocket completely water tight.
The rubber chin pad on the top of the tank makes it wobble a little bit - but it ain’t going anywhere! Are other solutions better? I started looking at the Bagster system too but decided it wouldn’t look right with a tank cover.
Cheers, Andy.

Andy, Thanks for the advice. I’ll check out the Kriega range in the coming weeks & let you know.
BTW, what do you mean by '…have proper bars on a Scura…’? Mine has clip-ons which, I think, are standard on this model.

Rgds. Noel


Mis-read that. Thought we were after a replacement tank.


Phone and old eyes.

No worries!!!
Take care, Noel

Hi Noel, glad to hear the Scura has clip-ons - I like em!

Yep, only happy with my chin on the tank & bum in the air!!! :laughing:
Rgds. Noel

If you are still considering getting a new tank I may also be up for one. My plastic is starting to bubble a bit