Tank Knee Pads: How Much !?

I can’t believe the price of a set of Guzzi OEM Rubber Tank Knee Pads - £80 for two pieces of rubber?! :open_mouth: Who the heck dreamed up that price in Guzzi towers?

Looks like it’ll be a DIY session using a couple of sheets of 3M protection film :confused:

Doesn’t surprise me at all.

Could be worse, if it were a Honda or BMW?

Bryan, what is the model?

If you are not too fussy about the shape, you can get generic ones such as these for a tenner a pair.


Or fit a Baglux tank bag base.

V7 III ‘Anniversario’. Chrome finish tank and brown leather retainer strap down the full length. I’m only after something to protect the chrome finish from being rubbed by knees. I think clear 3M is the way to go …