tank range - Cali ev

Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere… but I have a 1998 Cali EV. What range should I be expecting?

thanks SD

Fuel light will probably come on between 110 to 120 miles with normal riding. If you fill up straight away after the light comes on you will probably find you have at about 6 litres left in the tank.


That must be Guy’s normal riding, how he’s still alive is a mystery ;p. The rest of us get sensible fuel consumption, about 150-180 miles til that light flickers. On the Thankful Villages Run, where we were often doing 55-60mph I swear I got 200 miles before I needed to fill up, and there were still nearly seven litres in the tank.

Blimey that is good going. I really do ride like a girl’s blouse and I thought I got good economy until I read your post!

A different bike, but my 2004 Cali Touring does 150 miles before the fuel light comes on, and I easily do up to another 30 miles before filling up. The only time I’ve run out of fuel was when the fuel light sensor had failed and I’d forgotten to set the trip when I’d last refuelled, so I don’t know how many miles I’d done!

There is a significant difference in fuel use between earlier and later EVs.
The later twin plugged heads give more MPG as noted on retro twin plugged Tontis
My 1998 EV gets the fuel light on at 120-130 miles on average.
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Cali stone does about 160 before the fuel light comes on and then it is good for about another 20 to 30.

Whilst we are talking Tanks and I still am unable for whatever reason to post new topics, please can anyone tell me if a Mk3 Le Mans tank will fit a Mk2 Frame ? Cheers guys

The fuel light on the V11 Le Mans can be as low as 120 miles BUT on my V11 using super fuel does increase that to over 140 mls. HOWEVER on a long run it goes up to 150-160.

I KNOW some memers it seems to make no difference using super fuel I can only figure out it must be how it is set up, Ie Ireland that has NO superunleaded probably has the engine configured to lower octane unleaded, but that is just my guess.

On my cali ,145 miles between yellow lights.
Funny enough my Bellagio is the same with normal riding

My V11 can vary between 85 to the light on, to 160.
Easily another 40 miles in the tank from light on.
85 to the light on was round Cadwell Park mind.

97 Cali EV 150 to the light 180 start pushing regardless of how I ride. V11 Scura very variable depending on right hand and left foot.

Cali 55 mpg remember ANY trip on ANY Guzzi is in US Gallons which are smaller than Imperial Gallons

WHAT!! you’re losing it GB.

noo on the trip 'puters they are in US gallonsguzzibear2014-03-11 11:27:46

on a normal day on my 1998 Cali EV I get the low level fuel light on at around 130/140miles. MPG works out at about 57mpg,but last Tuesday I rode down to Southampton via motorways down to Oxford and then a fast duel carrage way, the A34, down to S’oton total miles 275, I started of with a filled to the top tank and stopped after around 175 miles to fill up right to the top again, I only needed just over 11 litres!, worked out at around 67mpg.the different from riding on motorways on a Tuesday afternoon to riding, as I do most times on a Friday afternoon, is as I found out the traffic is so much lighter, the whole route ( M65-M6-M42-M40-A34-M3) was flowing nice and smooth, I did intend to move of the motorways as soon as it got heavy going- which on most fridays is around Warrington, and then go via the A49 or whatever, but that was not required, I was in no big rush so decided to keep the speed around 70mph , but on the return on Saturday afternoon I did reach higher speeds along the M40 and beyond and the MPG then returned back to around 60mpg, so keep it below 70 (if you know how to!) and the MPG is rather good for a big heavy bike.
northwest2014-03-09 23:55:43

There’s a significant difference between filling up on the centre stand and the side stand, too.

Both of the above fill ups were with bike on centre stand, I wanted to get as much as poss in both times, and I did, been riding Guzzis for 35 years I do know them by now .

The amount of traffic can make a huge difference to fuel economy.

When touring I have usually managed about 160 miles before the fuel light comes on.

That has been the case on both my Cali 1100i and the EV that I had previously.