tank sealant

Resurrection of cali 111,
got hold of a Rough 91 model it’s stood for at least 6yrs in less than Ideal conditions, dropped the oil, no emulsification,  no bits of metal…result it’s in better nick inside than out, converted it to points,  (I reckon ignition failure consigned it to it’s fate),  fresh oil, cleaned out the carbs battery on and the beast lives :smiley:.
Overhauled the brakes today, Â goes and stops.
Any recommendations for tank sealant?

We use this at work…(http://www.classicbikes.co.uk)…

Cheers Kate

POR 15 from Frosts.
I would use nothing else

Why do you think you want tank sealant?

Unless it’s leaking of course. :smiley:

Tank is in original+rough condition outside, Â inside it looks like it’s been dry for years sort of white deposits peppered with rust, I’ve got the carbs cleaned out so I reckon keep the original+rough appearance but seal it to be on the safe side.