tappets or cam chain

Last year, I purchased an 05 California hydro, which has now done about 33k. Although there were top end recalls on these bikes, mine seems to be running fine. Nevertheless, I’d value your thoughts on the noises it makes! Tappet noise exists, but doesn’t seem excessive, and I assume that’s how it should be; an old BMW I once had made much more noise. However, when I shut off the throttle at about 2000rpm while going along, there is a bit of a metallic buzz. I had assumed this was something loose, perhaps on the fairing, but I am increasingly convinced that it’s coming from within the engine. Could this just be the noise hydraulic tappets make when the oil pressure drops, or does it seem more like cam chain noise, and if so, is that OK or does it indicate that something needs doing? Obviously, I can’t put a stethoscope to the engine while riding along, and the noise doesn’t seem noticeable while parked, or indeed under acceleration. I tend to just put my ear plugs in and forget it, but I was reminded of the issue while riding the other day without ear protection and with the visor up! Any insights or advice would be appreciated.

Have you checked that the exhausts are not touching the frame?

No, but I will.

Other things to check before you panic …

Zorsts (I know someone said that just the way the brain works ok!)

The chrome parts over the footboards loose they buzz like crazy and convince you the bike is falling apart

Also all the other chrome covers and tins, a loose side panel one that has the rubber worn also sounds like a buzz saw

only after you have checked front to back left and right every nut bolt and bit of tin start to look else where, IF you have the big oblong collector box the baffles loose make that orrible noise too, take it off give it a shake, and no they don’t do it wit the bike on stand, My V11 Le mans had that sorted it by getting a 2nd hand Stucchi cross over = no orrible sound, more power and frutier musica from a da loud pipes …eess good

If all that fails only then take the altenator off and the front engine cover and chechk the tensioner, BUT they tend to need over 50,000 miles before they get bad on the old Guzzi tensioner the newer spring loaded one is usually good for over 100,000 miles, mine has been done twice in over 200,000 mls.

I used to get exactly that problem on the Stone. Eventually tracked it down to be the side stand springs hitting the exhaust pipe. New springs, fitted correctly, no more buzzzzz

snap, same prob with t5’s side stand

Hey guys, thanks for giving me positive hope. Lots of good ideas here. I’m looking forward to my next day off so I can check these things out. Certainly, one horrible noise I had in my first month of ownership turned out to be a loose bolt on the exhaust; obviously, I’ve checked that, but I hadn’t thought of the items you’ve mentioned.

Ohh i forgot the side stand springs had that me sen but a looong while ago…

The point is MOST of those sort of irritating buzzzzzzy sounds are summat loose …oh yeh one of the zorst clamps and joint thingies will cause that too as will the sidestand itself you sometimes can loose the rubber bump stop…

Have you checked that the recall was done on your bike? Any Guzzi dealer should be able to tell you from the frame number. Believe it or not there are still some bikes outstanding.

Brian, I enquired at two dealers: the one which supplied it to the original owner (Steffords?), who claimed they don’t keep records of the work they do (!?), and Mark at Twiggers, who assured me that as the bike was late 04 it would have been sorted. The original owner claimed that he checked while visiting the factory in Italy, and they assured him it was sorted before delivery (the service book contains two service stamps from there; the original owner visited Italy twice). I hope I’m not being fobbed off, but if anyone can come up with something more robust I’d be delighted.

An update on the noises:In recent weeks the Cali developed another nasty metallic buzz at about 4200 rpm - more of a rasp. Having checked the tightness of every bolt I could find, fearing the worst, I rang another dealer to see if a recall was due: Haywards of Cambridge (others on this forum have had good results from them on recalls). They were very helpful but could find no record of the bike needing a recall - although, I got the impression that they could find no record of the bike at all, because computerised records only got established around then, and some bikes never appeared. So I dropped in to Twiggers and, although initially puzzled, they found the buzz was caused by a washer under a bolt holding the heat shield to the left exhaust having rusted away, and so it did buzz even though the bolt was tight - I felt really stupid for not noticing that one!The buzz around 2000 rpm remains, but Mark is hopeful that may be related to the failure of my reserve indicator sensor - apparently, when that fails it can rattle in the tank; so we’ll see if that buzz is resolved when the sensor is replaced.In any case, my fears of cam or cam chain issues are fading and I’m daring to just enjoy the bike again.So, your instincts about loose bolts were spot on. Thanks guys.

interesting read was that ,hope bike is sorted now .This post as also helped me sort a rattle i had on T5

I sort the odd rattle n leak on the ol V1000 every few months when it gets a polish and stuff, worst “death rattle” I had was on the V11 when the baffle went u/s in the collector box. THAT got junked in favour of a Stucchi cross over WHAT a difference to the performance more than the more free flowing silencers and with them it really works as it was designed as Johnno will no doubt confirm…

Have you tried a forum search on here? I posted at length about a year ago on the subject of the hydra motors as a good friend of mine had bought one and we did a bit of research into the recall situation.Dave Richardson, (of Guzziology fame), did an in depth article about the engine/recall that was available from the Guzzitech.com archive, but I’m not sure if it exists anymore.Have a look on here for VIN numbers affected: http://www.motoguzzicalifornia.com/2010/02/hydraulic-tappets/Use of the correct grade of oil is critical in these engines.Having ridden one of the hydra Calis around the Mountain Circuit two-up - chasing someone riding my Centauro - I’m very impressed with the grunt available from that engine.
guzzijack2012-06-01 13:40:10

Thanks Guzzijack. Yes, I read the articles last year and found them helpful, although they don’t answer all the questions, e.g. a range of VIN numbers doesn’t seem to be given, just specific examples; also, some articles available were written before the final version of the recalls, and so don’t take account of all the issues. Nevertheless, I love my hydro and on my recent 1800 mile end2end other riders were surprised at how it could be hustled along.

They will not be the first or last, many yrs ago my younger Brother had a T3 Cali which he popped a Le Mans engine into, went to The Isle on Man and really surprised a fair few riders over the course…