targa exhaust

Just getting to grips with my new(to me) targa. The exhausts fitted are in reasonable condition, stainless steel Keihans.
But they sound a bit gutless, more like an old r80 bmw then a roaring v twin, there’s a lot of baffling going on. There’s no obvious bolts that I can access the innards either.
Does anyone else do aftermarkets that might make it roar a bit more, I’ve had no joy on the mistral website.

Use a pointy metal rod up the end of the silencer and give it a whack to knock hole in the baffle. I’ve read it improves breathing and improves the sound, too. If you’re thinking of buying replacements there’s nothing to lose anyway.


I have an old pair of Armours silencers on my Spada, they sound lovely, nice balance of noise but not too noisy, They don’t list them for the Targa only the V50 models.You could just fit a pair of universal silencers from Feked,com or somewhere similar.Feked.com Silencers
Don-Spada2014-08-22 21:07:47