Hi, I’ve just bought myself a beautiful 1991 Targa, I bought it from a dealer and was serviced prior to delivery. Took it out yesterday for the first time and once the engine eventually warmed up it ticked over like a Swiss watch, beautiful, but out on the road it was a bit sluggish over 40 mph so I topped up with fresh fuel and after a while it did seem to improve, I couldn’t spend as much time as I’d have liked riding it as my wife had plans so was wondering wether it might of been the fuel or just the engine hadn’t fully warmed up, any ideas?

Targa Great bike!
Small blocks don’t take long to warm up. My NTX750 has pretty much the same engine and is ready to go straight from the start.
You may have the answer in the change of fuel. I wonder if it’s been standing? A couple of tanks of premium won’t do it any harm.
FWIW I’d be tempted to check the easy stuff like plugs and caps before delving too deep. Give it a few miles and see if it improves.
Good luck

Wot he said, plus have a look at the fuel filters, and also check the breather hole in fuel cap is open (you should be able to tell if there is any vacuum in the tank after a run though)
Might also be worth checking if there is any water in the float bowls.

What has been said above.
I always change my plugs at any sign of trouble on my Guzzi’s.