TDC Sensors

Might be useful for someone.

My 95 Cali 100 has a SEN 8T but I haven’t found a perfect match yet ont’ 'tinternet

I suspect apart from the sensor standoff the only difference is the cable length itself but I’ve not checked against mine yet.


When I lived near Warrington I used a local firm called CamCo Automotive Ltd, I needed a sensor for my 1998 Cali EV in a rush and found them under ‘Automotive Turbocharger & Electronic Specialists’ in the yellow pages, they found me a Fiat part which was the same, their part number was18750, there are other ones around via the innernet but if it is a “I need it today” job try looking under the above or under ‘Diesel Fuel Injection’ in your yellow pages or on the ‘net’. there was one on E-bay, item number 120657452134 its a Fiat Ducato Ritmo Tempra. cost about £35.beware if you do go down the above route those sensors do not come supplied with the ‘O’ ring so either reuse the orginal ‘O’ ring or sort one out via a bearing shop or suchlike. your comment "only difference is the cable length itself " could well be right, I know at CamCo they had other sensors which did not appear to differ from the 18750 apart from the length, the E-bay item is a ‘Raven’ brand which I know nothing about, if anyone buys one as a spare it might be a good idea to remove the orginal sensor and fit your new one, be it a Raven or Intermotor brand, and use the old orginal as a spare, that way you know your spare is in working order.

northwest2012-07-07 10:59:50