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Hi all, has anyone bought a of Guzziology? I bought it recently to hopefully help with some issues, when it arrived I was surprised at the size of it, but reading through I was somewhat disappointed at the lack of some information, there is lots of very helpful info, but very little on rebuilding the mechanics (replacing bearing bushes for instance.) my old Haynes manual ( when I can find it!) I think is far more useful when working on the oily bits giving wear rates, removal of items and replacement of such.
Just my thoughts.

I tend to use Guzziology in conjunction with the workshop manual. It doesn’t tend to cover what’s in the manual, but instead gives a lot of useful supplementary information.

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Yes I agree, as I said a lot of info, but I have made do with the Haynes for over 40 years. But decided Guzziology would be more help. Perhaps as I get used to the way it is laid out I may change my opinion.

Sadly…Youtube…im no fan of it, but if you use it as an advice only (dont believe it all) it can be very helpful…

I have a copy of Guzziology which is well thumbed! I dont think it was ever intended to be used as a ‘workshop manual’ but more of a ‘service notes’, upgrade, what fits what, modifications etc.

I find it incredibly useful on a virtually daily basis running an independent Guzzi workshop on the south coast comparing possible substitute parts.

Having said that the Haynes manual for the big twins is one of the only Haynes i’ve ever bothered to keep finding quite detailed for Gearboxes.

I think Guzziology is brilliant and I think you’ll get more than your money’s worth.
I have version 8.3.
The title page says it.
A guide to Moto Guzzi V-twin Motorcycles-
designed to supplement existing service manuals and parts references

and then, in Chapter 1, the second paragraph Dave expounds on the theme. Guzziology is about all the things the service manuals leave out and all the practical tricks learned in the workshop.
Not a replacement for the manual, but a knowledge base to use with it.

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