Termignoni on Griso

I might be looking at a Griso with a possible view to buying, and it has a Termignoni silencer fitted. I have seen this type of silencer mentioned as a fitment to the Griso elsewhere on the forum.
So is this a recognised modification for the Griso or just a random aftermarket fitment.

For the record, I like my bikes with a bit of quality noise(e.g. my Lanfranconis on my LM, and pea-shooters on my Norton) but I don’t like noise for the sake of noise or what I would describe as “harsh” noise. Does anybody have any experience with running these silencers who can comment on the noise “quality?”

I think I’ve answered the first question myself as I’ve seen the Termignonis for sale specifically for the Griso on Twiggers web page.

So what do they sound like?

I have just bought a griso with the termi’s fitted and left in the baffle (its removable) sounds great, not too loud (as its road legal) but lovely noise so you can tell the bike is running recommened :slight_smile:

I have one fitted and it sounds lovely. Quite addictive! I think with the baffle out it would be a bit too loud.

Have had a Griso with a Termi beautiful sound just loud enough to announce your arrival but not annoying . l don’t have the bike any more but still have the Termi if you need a spare

OK, those answers are what I’d hoped to hear. Thanks for the help.

I need to think of reasons why I don’t need it now as I already have 3 bikes and my garage is nearly full. There’s always the back room though, isn’t there?

I may go and see it in the next few days, but that’s tempting myself isn’t it?

I had a test ride on a Griso 1200 yesterday which had a Termignoni on, and was a bit surprised that it was a bit loud with a slightly flat tone to the exhaust note but was not too bad, and it was only afterwards that I was told that the baffles had been removed

Anyway I liked the bike and so have put a deposit down for one…with a Termignoni, but I suspect that I’ll probably run it with the baffles in.

Thanks for the good advice.

I have only had my Griso a couple of weeks and have not run it with the baffle out yet. I don’t think that i need to. Glad you enjoyed the test ride and went for the bike. I think it has a real character.