Testing Charging

Hi AllI have just started work on my Spada that had been laid up for some years, the bike will start ok (new Battery) and run fine, the indicators, and clock work but the remainder of panel warning lights and voltmeter are dead, i’m working on the premise that earthing may be the problem but would like to test the alternator to see if it’s charging.What is the best way to do that? also do i need to test the regulator/rectifier.I have limited electricky knowledge so please keep it simple and bear with meDave

Might help?It’s posted on a sticky at the head of the section: http://www.thisoldtractor.com/guzzitech.dk/pdf/charging-around-the-circuit-john-noble.pdf

Thanks for that i will have a read tonightDave

This is great.I keep a copy on my phone/iPad for quick reference & when on the road.All the bestSteve

Get the dash panel and Voltmeter sorted, then it will show you if the charging is working or not. The Spada has a circuit board under the dash panel for the idiot lights, that could be corroded up, including the individual bulbs and holders (guess how I know); the clock runs off fuse 6, the rest of it from fuse 1, 2 or 3 (can’t remember which) from ignition switch. Turn indicators, lights on & hi-beam warning bulbs (4 off) are supplied by 12V externally (all have a common earth) but the others (4 off) need a positive supply on the board, as the Voltmeter doesn’t work either assume therefore they’re all powered off the same connection but it’s not getting through. The circuit board has two multi-way edge connector plugs as well, also subject to corrosion. HTH

If you put a voltmeter across the battery terminals at tickover you should get around 14V. Any less and there is a charging issue I think.
That’s almost the extent of my knowledge!

at tick over the generator wont be putting much out, pick the revs up to about 3000rpm and you should see it increase to the 14v area

I actually meant to say that. I baffle myself sometimes. Just feel sorry for anybody I talk to…