The Guzzi Eagle


Having a great time learning more about my V7 Classic, both from riding it, and from reading the discussions on this forum!

I have a couple of questions:

Why is it that some Guzzi models have the eagle emblem on the tank and/or elsewhere, and others like my V7 do not?

Has anyone bought and fitted the eagle decal(s) as an aftermarket customisation for their bike?


The eagle is a reference to the Italian air force where Carlo Guzzi, a motorcycle enthusiast and mechanic met Giorgio Parodi and Giovinni Ravelli, both pilots, met and talked about building their own motorcycle. Ravelli was killed in a flying accident shortly after the end of the first world war and the air force eagle was used in Ravelli’s honour.

The 850GT and V7 Sport of 1972 had only Moto Guzzi (with no eagle) on the tank with an eagle and the model on each tool box. The 750S of 1974 had only Moto Guzzi on the tank in profiled letters and a stylized eagle and the model name as a decal on each tool box. The 850T of 1974 had tank badges as the 750s but profiled tool box badges without an eagle. Later models including the 750S3 of 1975, Le Mans and 850T3 of 1976 had similar profiled badges as the 850T without any eagles. This continued up until about the mid 80’s when the eagle motif was reintroduced on the Spada III and Mille GT, however there were some exceptions!

Why it was temporally dropped I have no idea apart from fashion? I believe this was a styling exercise from the drawing office and not a company policy to forget Giovinni Ravelli.

Thanks Chris,

yes, I was aware of the history of the eagle - I just wondered whether there was any reason for some models to have the eagle, whereas my 2010 V7 Classic does not. You suggest, as i suspected, that it is just down to styling.

Anyway, I quite fancy putting the eagle above “Moto Guzzi” on each side of the tank, and was wondering whether this was something that others have done. Having never put a decal on a bike I’d like to discuss any tips people may have so as to not cock it up!


Jim, it probably doesn’t have eagles as it is a retro bike designed to look like a 70’s model which didn’t have them. Just a guess :smiley:

Yeah, that’s the inconsistency - because the white 1970s V7 Special did have the eagle above the name on the tank, but the V7 Sport of the same era didn’t!

Nice idea. Some people would call me picky but, if you do put eagles on your tank, can I ask that you have them both facing forwards. My old Airone has a non standard tank and the owner who fitted it put eagle badges on which both face to the back of the bke.
I would replace them but they’re now over 60 years old and part of the history of the bike.

I am renovating a '56 Zigolo , including a complete repaint, the Tank is now done and I did put new Decals on - bought a pair via e-bay ( various sizes available and with Eagle pointing forward on both sides ). I too was nervous but if you take your time and gently does it , it is OK , I have also oversprayed it with clear lacquer to seal them in place - worked out fine. If I knew how I would include a photo here for you - If you want to private message me your e mail I can copy it to you…Jim.

Thanks Jim and Richard for the further replies.

I have got hold of a pair which I think are the right size for my bike tank (about 4" from wing tip to wing tip), both facing forwards (so long as I put them the right way round :laughing: )

I will do as you suggest, take my time over it, and use a clear lacquer to lock them in, as it were.

Jim, I have PM’d you.