The Guzzi Factory

I wish those bu**ers would include on the website the dates when it’s shut or do they assume everyone knows it’s closed for all of August!

Good job that’s not all we went for - actually it was just an excuse for some Alpine passes but that’s not the point!

I could have told you that…

We went and it was shut also - a Friday at 1215 hrs. Went around the corner and had a pizza. Didn’t bother going back.

Much ado about nothing IMHO.

Well we knew it was only open for an hour a day and had nearly killed ourselves on the Spluggen Pass to get there in time so it was a little annoying to say the least!

T’is on my list of things to do…do they call it a bucket list these days…

Italy is shut in august,not just the guzzi factory,

The museum is worth the effort (when it is open!). Love the old race bikes which have been left in the same condition as when they finished their last race in the 1950s.

Guzzi used to be an innovative company where brave engineers used to design the bikes, not marketing teams lead by accountants- the factory is a great reminder of this.

yes the museum is soemthing specialprobably worth more than the rest of the piaggio groupif you want I can send you some pictures to cheer you up !!

Thanks but I’m just saying I have to go back again!

The opening times are published here

I have just queried whether they are correct on another post.