The new V750 bikes for 2020

Come on Guzzi only one disc on the new V750 even the old V500 and the old V350 had twin disc are Guzzi cutting cost to much you would at least expect the V750 Racer to have twin disc on the front what do you think ?

The key word here is “old”, my own experience is that modern disc brakes are much more superior than what were on my “old” Guzzis and BMW (same P8 calipers actually), so only need one disc on the front.


Agree. My 750 Breva has one front disc and is not underbraked.
I do go through front pads about every 5000 miles and the disc at about 35000 miles.

The other consideration is that the older bikes had linked brakes so a second independent front brake was a legal requirement.
In the end most of us only used the one brake most of the time.

Yes that is so.

My more modern Piaggio X10 also had linked brakes, so yes 3 discs. There is a valve connecting the rear to the right (as it happens) front. Operating the lever gently worked the rear only, then with more pressure, + the front. Unfortunately it could be quite grabby. You wanted or needed to press the rear a bit harder, and instead got the front banging on as well. This could be a complete pain in the arris and made you hesitate about using the rear brake at all. So it’s possibly understandable why the linked system was taken off modern Moto Guzzi’s.

If they wanted to liven up the V7 cafe, reducing the front wheel size to that of a Breva would make a huge positive difference.

5000 miles for pads seems awfully short, as does 35000 for discs. I would expect at least 20,000 for pads. Discs on my Norge have done 54,000 and still fine. My Triumph front discs lasted the life of the bike at 86,000, although they were below the limit by then.

Obviously with one front disc you reduce unsprung weight as well, and presumably improve turn in with lower gyro effect.

The pad wear I find acceptable but the disc wear surprised me.
I put it down to one disc only.

I think modern discs are a “service item”, e.g. too thin to be recovered by skimming …

They are Stainless steel, not cast iron and are therefore a lot thinner.

Modern brake pads are also much harsher on discs than old ones. Maybe a “data free opinion” but perhaps related to removal of asbestos, which had to replaced by something else. Modern pads seem to me to have a lot more metallic particles in them.

Agree there.
Sadly new compound pads on old discs can prove costly in some cases.
Nice to be able to stop as quickly as modern vehicles 'though :wink: