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here is a good question for you all.2013 v7 racer has an air temp sensor somewhere on the bike,could i adapt this with a sensor on the sump bolt to show oil temp.???

Why? You’re just giving yourself something else to worry about! If you must have a fiddle it’s under the clocks.

Have a like.

theres nothing better than a good fiddle.i ride the bike long and hard and like to know whats going on

do you mean relocate the sensor ?if you do you may well find problems with cold runningmost cars have them fitted to the nearside wing mirror, to send data to the ecu

no i meant use the senor for oil temp.i did not know that it was tied into the ecu

Just get one of those dip sticks with a thermometer dial on the top

allready got one but i would like a display up near the clocks

Can’t argue with that, I just fail to see what good there is in knowing your oil temp. Pressure yes, temp no.A month ago in Belgium (Dinant camp site) Serena decided to try and make the 16:00 Dunkirk ferry to Dover.Set off at 11:30 and made it for 13:15 in time to catch the 14:00 ferry.My lil’Breva’s engine oil was ‘kin’ hot I know. I alsp had a minor oil leak from where the rocker breathers had blown off (rude b’ggars).But that was all that mattered as far as I was concerned. And that could wait till I got home.Grand tour by the way.
iandunmore2014-07-15 13:44:32

The ability of an oil to do its lubricating job effectively reduces markedly at high temperatures, beyond about 150C. At temperatures much beyond this you risk permanent damage to its lubricating capability so it would be a good idea to know if/when you reach those sorts of temperatures so you can schedule an oil change. That said, you don’t need a readout in your line of sight for that sort of monitoring.

                                                                       i know i dont need it line of sight but i would like it.ive ordered a gauge and a sensor that will fit in the back drain bolt of the sump

A leak from where the sensor goes into the oil circuit will ruin your day a lot more than slightly above optimum temperature oil.

The actual display will probably be just a voltage input to drive it but looks limited to two figures. A resistor or two should let any 12V resistive temperature probe drive it but you’d need to decide now to display a 0-200 range on a 0-99 display.

What are you going to do when the gauge reads 99? Stop and let it cool down (the start ups increase how long the motor is running with low oil pressure)? Go home and change the oil? (the breakdown of the chain molecules should be included as a proportion of over heating in how the service interval is set, but isn’t they pick what they think we’ll stand on cost). Make a mental note that this engine might need a full strip down a few miles sooner?

Personally it’s like the rattle from the top end. Best solution is to wear ear plugs, watch the speedo and just do the routine maintenance. Any additional info just feeds the voices in your head. Air cooled engines are designed to run hot once in a while.


just fit one of these

Ex smokingbiker2014-07-20 21:46:34

Presumably it would need connecting to a sender unit so where could that be tapped into?

       rear drain bolt on sump

but is the air temp senser connecting to the ecu or does it just go straight to the display??

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Could you not just attach the sensor to the sump? Temperature difference must be negligible surely.    Clue ~ aluminium alloy is also a very good heat conductor

as i put in previous post the sensor can go on the rear sump bolt.i just want to know if i can use the air temp display for the oil temp