thinking of PXing a Bellagio for V85TT

Hello everyone,

Owned a Bellagio since 2009 that I bought new from Corsa Italiana. I did take out the V85TT demonstrator last year when Scooter Cafe in Maidenhead where servicing & MOT the Bellagio. Very impressed with the V85TT, engine felt very similar to the Bellagio think the V85TT is about 80hp and the Bellagio is about 75hp.

I’m not in any hurry, ideally I’d like to wait until start of biking season next year. Any idea anyone of what the PX value of a black 11-year old Bellagio, just under 19k miles, all standard although does have a QC can that replaced the dual stack OE pipes (that I still have boxed in a garage). Generally good condition, bit of rust on the spokes and chipped black paint on the clutch & front brake reservoirs. In the 11 years of ownership it’s been serviced by Piaggio approved dealers about 8 years.

Bellagio’s are fairly rare so I haven’t got a clue!


You will have to change your handle to Mark TT

I would have thought £3000 - £3500 Privately, so you could expect that they will knock a grand off that for trade in.

You never know though, its worth being cheeky Ask for £4k for a start and see where you end up

Just seem one on ebay, I presume it is yours

Good luck with the sale

Thanks Chris for posting that a Bellagio is for sale on eBay. Not my bike as mine is a black Ballagio on an ‘09’ plate plus 19k on the clock with QD race can.

Offers for the silver Bellagio around £5k does sound a lot! I was thinking mine was more around £2k px value for a new V85TT or £2.5 to £3k private.

I’m not in a hurry and likely to wait until next year now. I’m also half-starting to think about keeping the Bellagio and buying a thumper instead as I do miss the KTM 640 Duke I had about 12 years ago. A good old SuperMoto or XR600R Trailie or whatever for hooning around on the B-roads would make a good garage mate for the Bellagio. Suppose I’m just starting to doubt if I would clock up the milage juggling work/life balance to warrant a brand new V85.

Fortunately I’m not in a hurry in anyway :sunglasses:


I thought that was a bit strong too. Especially when Grisos and Breva 11s the same age are cheaper.

I see Guzzi have an £850 trade in Bonus offer on the V85TT this month

Regarding singles. My mate has a KTM 690. He bought it new in 2009 and loves it. We went to the Nurburgring once and I couldn’t keep up with him!

Yes I saw the £850 trade in bonus offer, available until 30 Sep.

I’ve checked website, not too clear if it’s £850 on top of what dealer will offer as trade in or just £850 and that’s it.

*Terms & Conditions Apply: The promotion is applicable to V85 TT, V85 TT Evocative and V 85 TT Travel models registered between 18th May and 30th September 2020 at participating official UK Moto Guzzi retailers only. Promotion entitles the customer to benefit £850 trade in bonus upon purchase of a vehicle. There is no cash alternative. Promotion can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. Model shown in the image is a Moto Guzzi V85 TT Evocative.

I’ve got next week off work (use it or lose it) so will ride over to Scooter Cafe and have a good chat with Mike the owner. Also will have a nose at BMW Urban GS at Bahnstormer and probably ride to Feltham to have a look at KTM SM.


Hi Everyone,

I thought I had posted an update on this thread that I started 6 months ago but just realised I hadn’t…!

I still have the Bellagio, in fact after installing a new starter motor a couple of months ago it’s running the best it has for a while :smiley:

Also end of June I finally scratched the SuperMoto itch that had been bugging me for the last couple of years by purchasing a 5-year old KTM 690 SMC, superb second bike that perfectly compliments the lovely Bellagio, very different style obviously to the Guzzi, both are great fun!

Still very tempted by the V85TT, I think the plan in a couple of years may be to replace these two bikes with a V85 TT :sunglasses:


Nice one Mark. I have a mate that has a KTM 690 SM and has owned it for 11 years. It has been great. He has even toured on it. Very economical too. I was looking at the V85 and chickened out as there were too many compromises for me, although I still love the look of them and will look again if and when the update it. I have bought a Ducati Multistrada 950. My first brand new bike for 35 years! Al least its an Italian V twin :smiley: