Three Cross Garage number plate

Complete anorak question here. Does anybody have an original number plate from what I believe was called Three Cross Garage in 1977 ? I think they rebranded as Three Cross Motorcycles sometime between then and 1980, and I don’t think they used the brilliant 3X logo until that rebrand. I have an original side panel off my Guzzi with a little sticker on it, indicating this was the Guzzi dealer it came from and that’s what they called themselves then. The phone number is listed as “Tel: VERWOOD 2300”. Lovely.
Anyway, I’d love a pic if anyone can find one.

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I believe my Spada came from them in 1978. The number plate is original as far as I know (I’ve owned it since 1989 and have never changed it) and it doesn’t have any dealer reference on it. It is one of those honeycomb type number plates that apparently confuses speed cameras. What year was your bike from?
My 1988 Cali 3 does have a Three Cross plate on it and that gives the phone number as Verwood 824531/2/3. I’ve had a flick through a couple of Bike mags from 75 and 77 , but can’t find an advert from them.

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Mine is November 1977. By honeycomb, you mean a perspex one with the reflective yellow in a sort of honeycomb hexagonal pattern ? By the time I got the machine in '91 it had a rather tacky aluminium plate with self-adhesive numbers on it; no logo. I have some literature from 1988 that shows the 3X logo and I seem to remember seeing that and the name Three Cross Motorcycles by the time I was getting the mags in 1980. This little sticker on the side-panel makes me think that had to have happened between Nov '77 and 1980. It sounds entirely possible they didn’t bother with putting their ID on the number plate until the rebrand. I remember seeing their logo’d perspex number plates around by about '80. It’s all probably trying too hard but, while I’m not a concours restoration chap, I do like a bit of period appropriateness.

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If I decide to be a total nerd, I’m thinking of getting some stickers made up for the side-panels and number plate.

That’s right, apparently you can’t fit them anymore.
I think they were linked to MotoMecca that used to be a great Guzzi spares shop.

Yes, Motomecca was the spares operation run out of the same address. Same 824531 phone number, I think. I still have the 1990 spares list in my files.
This is a pretty good facsimile of the sticker applied to the top edge of the side-panel. It’s about 55mm by 23mm, and in number plate yellow, which made me think they’d probably have similar ones made to put on the plate.

3cross stickers

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Hi all, going from memory, I always knew Three Cross Motorcycles by that name. I first came across them in mid 1978 when they had a stand at the Poole Show. They had a Lemans on display and I decided to buy one. A trip to Three Cross followed but due to being offered a pittance for my trade-in Suzuki GT 750 I did not purchase from them. (I actually bought it from Huxhams in Parkstone and still own it today). As for Motomecca, they were situated in a business unit close to, but not part of, Three Cross Motorcycles. I maybe wrong but wasn’t Motomecca an offshoot of Bernie’s Spares and Repairs. I remember Alan and Paul being the sales guys. Motomecca then morphed into Moto Corsa and smile Russel-Clifford, and then moved away from Verwood to the Shaftesbury area. I’ve just realised all this started almost 50 years ago so the memory may a bit iffy! Cheers Phil

Ah, I was wrong about the 'Mecca/3X connection then. I used them for parts in the '90s. I’ll bet you’re right about them coming out of Bernie’s. I got my parts for Ducati from a combo of Bernie’s, MotoCinelli and Mick/Rick Walker in late '80s. Then by the time I got my Guzzi, Motomecca were around. I never visited Motomecca, but the address for both was just ‘Woolsbridge Ind Estate’ so I thought they were together because 3X were importing then. I just checked, and they did have different phone numbers. 'Mecca was 823453; 3X 824531/2/3.
Anyway, do you recognise the little sticker at all ?