throttle body sync - Cali 1100i

hi guys going to do my throttle bodies today with the carbtune reading plenty forums, it looks easy this is my first go at guzzi as its doing a lot of popping and running a little rough have done plenty beemers, so will be carefull as not to upset to much not touching ecu, mines a cali 96 1100i , have fitted Dans relays /k & n filter and just a little slow firing up on choke but once running and warmed up goes fine it just farts and pops shutting off throttle also fitted new iridium plugs/ leads thx gerbil

Farting and popping on overun is often ait getting into the zorst, so once you do what you have to check all zorst joints …sometimes there will be a tell tale streak of carbon where it leaks, IF it gets less when real hot that is also a symptom of air getting in…as the joints heat it seals any weeny gap.

Certainly worth checking the sync on the throttle bodies, but then you must also set the TPS.

Also worth checking for air leaks on the inlet side
All the best

May also be worth a check of the exhaust gaskets - they have a habit of blowing.

The inlet rubbers can also have a crack usually where you can’t see it on the inside near the Jubilee clip, had that happen to the Le mans once a new inlet rubber fixed it Buy oh boy was it a tight fit to get back on.