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Hi Guys. Would appreciate thoughts and opinions on this conundrum? I have a 750 targa which is up and running but, try as I might, cannot get a reliable carb balance. I reckon the two into one throttle cable setup is a bit of a flawed device allowing vagaries into the setting up. Having watched how the middle bit where one is split into two, operate, it is a heath robinson answer to basic carb/throttle control. My feeling is that two independent throttle cables starting at the twist grip and finishing at the respective carbs, has to be the most reliable way of getting consistency. I note that the Morini 350/500 electric start bikes have a twin pull cable throttle with engine start/stop/kill switches. Are there any others out there that might fit the bill? My first Guzzi many moons ago, was a 1978 T3 California and I am sure it had a twin pull throttle and I never had any carb balance issues.

Just FYI never had too much bother with cable splitters, if there was an imbalance problem always turned out to be something else. Same could be said about twin cable set-ups, you could argue that they stretch differently or have different radii bends thus causing an imbalance. Six of one half dozen of the other.

I think there’s another reason.

Interesting question and opinions may well differ.
I’ve got bikes with both and I do like the single pull system for its ease but there’s not much in it. Having said which it took a bit of work to get the first section and splitter working nicely on the Lario. This involved all the usual suspects; routing, lubrication and getting the action as smooth as possible on the twist grip, cable and splitter.
All I had to do then was the rest

Best of luck

Like you Steve I have bikes with both, and after cleaning and lubing the splitter set up I am quite happy with both systems and have no preference.

Thanks guys - I wonder then if my cables and splitter are aftermarket pattern because they leave a lot to be desired. I don’t mind the splitter setup as such but mine seems to pull and return with some sloppy vagueness and the splitter itself is plastic and of poor quality. In which case, can anybody recommend a firm that can make up a good quality cable and splitter. Price isn’t important but quality is which is why I dislike pattern and oem is unavailable - unless you know different?gogoguzzi2014-01-05 11:25:12

Thank you, checked their website and will call them in the morning.

Venhill are probably the best.

Something like this?

Venhill 2 into 1

Best of luck
Steveguzzibrat2014-01-05 20:03:26