Throttle EV

can anyone help, i have a 1999 ev while bike was on center stand and ticking over fine i started reving it and something seemed to get stuck and it reved to full max i had to quickly turn ignition key off , after pushing rod on injection body it clicked back and on starting bike again all was normal this only seems to happen when on center stand , i gingerly took it for a test ride and it seemed all ok but am worried this might happen while riding , any thoughts would be a great help

For this to happen something like a fuel hose or breather pipe must have moved and stopped the rod or actuator to jam open.
Make sure they are all strapped down out of the way.
Yes I did have this happen on my lil’Breva.

Yes this has happened before, like Ian said something under the tank is snagging the tie rod or arm.

Thank you I will take the tank off and have a good look , glad it’s nothing to serious or expensive.

I had something like that happen to my 98 EV, it was hard to see but part of the throttle linkage was catching on the seam where the air box was joined at the middle.
I think I fixed it by loosening the throttle bodies closer to the heads or the airbox backwards

yep, jamming on the airbox. The injectors move in the rubber mounts and this happens. Swear struggle and bleed until they clear it. If my bike backfires a lot (it has seasons) it gets worse.

thanks for all the help it gave me somewhere to look and i could see the cable linkage was rubbing on the air box ,i moved the airbox back about 1cm but had to make hole bigger on seat lug bracket that holds the airbox in place but didnt move the bracket as that would have displaced seat ! ,i suppose its like most of us as we get older we expand !lol.