Time to give up biking?

Heading West from The Meon Hut to the M3, just before the Cheriton crossroads. ( for those that know the arear)

Came round a downhill bend to see a Porsche of some description on my side of the road, this was all over before any reflex kicked in.
It was on my side of the road, having crossed double solid white lines overtaking another car. If I was 100 yards further along the road, you wouldn’t be reading this.
I almost came off the road a couple of seconds later. Don’t know why, the event had passed, maybe delayed shock.

Had several close calls in the past, this was the closest.

1974 I hit a parked car, dislocated and fractured the top of my femur.

1985 hit from behind by a van that made no attempt to stop.

2012 hit from behind by a car.

Various other incidents.

I’m 64, don’t know how much longer my guardian angel is going to sit on my shoulder.

At the moment, I am a bit shaken. Thinking I should give up riding.

Glad you got away with just the schock, lots of idiots out there :frowning:

Should you give up biking? Sleep it over and regroup tomorrow.

Take care

What an absolute moron. No surprise that he was driving a Porsche. You didn’t say that it was a man driving but I think it is probably safe to assume it was. Also probably trying to impress his girlfriend/wife. Hopefully she gave him a hard time for the rest of the day.
Don’t give up riding. You’re still far too young. But perhaps convert to something smaller/older/slower to give you more time when the unexpected occurs.

I can recommend 1950’s singles to provide hours of fun.


Have you considered an advanced riding course? Trying that might help you make the decision.
I did one after my accident 3 years ago and it helped me get my confidence back as well as slowing me down and improving skills.


It has to be your decision but I’m a great believer in what will be will be. I’m 73 and would never deprive myself of the pleasure of motorcycling because something might happen to me. I could just as easily fall downstairs and break my neck or get wiped out by Covid 19. We none of us know what’s in store for us so I try and live each day to the full.

I had a near nasty riding Nepal last Autumn. On tarmac roads twisting and turning through the hills I was more than aware of the dodgy overtaking cars and trucks were pulling on each other through the curves. Yet finally having got clear of some traffic I opened the bike out a bit (Enfield Himalayan) on a downhill stretch. Rounding a curve at maybe as much as 60 per I was confronted by two trucks side by side coming right up the road at me, real close. This all happened so quick, possibly fractions of a second , I only remember it like this – they were taking up all of the road space, there was some rough stuff off the road to the left that I knew I would lose control on and go down if I aimed for it. I was on both brakes immediately and the back locked up and came round some way before I released it (pure reaction), the bike straightened, and then …

I found myself on the other side of the trucks, still on the road, still going, still under control ???. What happened? I have no idea. I have a complete blank as to how I got past or between them – one minute I was facing instant death and the next moment I was fine. It was like god had saved me for some higher purpose (except which god?). Or I was actually killed and was now in a parallel universe where I’d made it. That may all sound flippant, but I just don’t know how I got away with it. And all my fault – I knew what they were all driving like out there and I got complacent for a moment. I stopped for lunch in the next town and spent some time reflecting on it, I mean this really spooked me out (and still does, recounting it now).

Back on the road that afternoon, I was back on the pace. I guess you just have to ride your luck.

"Or I was actually killed and was now in a parallel universe where I’d made it. "

Great post!

On this topic; this is one of the reasons I was hoping to move to France next year - I definitely don’t feel safe most of the time that I’m riding in England (Wales feels slightly better, Scotland and Ireland I haven’t tried lately). Too many inconsiderate and ignorant people who don’t have good driving skills around. Europeans show more respect for bikers generally (lorry drivers being the exception mind you).


I’m too old to die young now but still try not to ride faster than my Guardian Angel can fly.

I wonder if we will ever find out what great purpose Butch has been saved for. It’ll be a dreadful irony if the virus gets him.


I guess that we’re all different. I have fallen off far too many times to remember them all, mainly on track but some notable road ones as well.

I was always a little bemused when some of my race mates had a big off. As soon as they got the bike back from the recovery truck they immediately rushed around trying to fix it to get it out for the next race. Also they never seemed to go any slower.The Moto GP guys absolutely typify this.

I used to be like that, but I am now 63, so unless the damage is minor, I pack up and go home. Also I have noticed that after an hour or so I am locking up solid anyway. Clearly I don’t bounce as well as I used to.

Point is (and this is not bravado), I always wanted to get straight back on the bike and when it wasn’t too badly bent I did.

In your post you recount 3 other ‘serious scrapes’ over around 46 years, so not such a bad incident rate!

Looks like we’re going to have a bit of fine weather for a few days and the roads are certainly going to be less busy. So my advice, for what its worth, is if you have to make a journey use the bike. If you come back with a smile on your face - maybe there’s still a few more miles left in your tank?

One final bit of advice which has always served me well (probably universally known anyway) is that as soon as something starts to go wrong look for the escape options. Natural tendency is to look at the incident unfolding and end up riding towards it, which uses up valuable moments to take avoiding action.

Obviously not saved me from all my offs, but perhaps from some more serious consequences.

Hope you find your best solution.



Oafski wrote:’… I could just as easily fall downstairs…’

Yep, did this 18 months go, slipped on 6th step, fell & hit head on [glass] door frame, ended up in A&E for 6 stitches; you wouldn’t believe how much a scalp wound bleeds! Bungalow must be safer?

That said, there are too many car drivers who seem to be totally ignorant of the Highway Code in this country!

Stay safe

Mike (66 & who won’t be giving up his bikes just yet!)

The removal of dedicated traffic officers has allowed the more aggressive element in motoring to take over the roads
Alpha males, aggressive yobs in large cars with tinted windows and Loud rap music, drugged up morons often much older than you would imagine and from a much higher social strata of society !
in my County we had nearly 200 officers on cars and bikes split into 3 shifts
they were always there
in the mornings staking out the various roads into the towns, and observing driving styles, pulling errant motorists over and taking a long long time to educate them, so that others passing observe, as well as moving with traffic and being visible
the knock on effect
then after a breakfast break they went through the towns, ticketing idle morons for parking on corners, roundabouts, footpaths etc
mothers in their chelsea tractors giving no consideration to other lesser road users ie poor people in small cars
then looking out for elderly people and often stopping them and giving a free eye test and honest and kind advice ( lots of people with poor eyesight wait until around 10.00 to drive)
one of the biggest problems now is drivers with Dementia still driving , I can understand they want to keep their freedom, but it comes at a high price, my elderly Father was admitted to Hospital after a recent head injury and was told to stop driving, I sold his car the same week, and he feels much happier, however the Doctor said that many do not take the advice and he sees that in the car park on a regular basis !
I had a near miss in my car last week , when an elderly man drove straight out in front of me, good brakes and being aware meant it was a near miss,( very bloody near) he was full of anger, but looked confused, and I could see his wife saying something to him about I told you so
no point in swearing or gesticulating, hopefully he learnt a good lesson
the video data will get forwarded to the Police anyway
then spotting stolen cars abandoned near the local social housing estates ( car thieves never like to walk very far )
and also watching out for overloaded HGVs and commercial vehicles
They pinched a workmate many years ago for failing to stop at a set of traffic lights ( a grade A idiot)
his excuse
his brakes didnt work
given advice to either scrap it or get the brakes fixed, I know the copper concerned and it was very funny when he told us, said workmate was lazy and cared little for others, imagine the joy a month later when he ran another set of lights and got taken out by a van !
no brakes
he had to get a bank loan to pay for the damage to the van, a bit more expensive than getting the bike fixed or a new bike ?
plus the court costs and the fine and his name in the papers and the piss taking!!
the knock on effect

drunk drivers, well they knew most of them and could spot them, A camera cannot do that !

but what usually happened was some one got pulled up, got a ticket, and then complained to his/her family and friends,workmates , who all agreed how hard done by he or she was ( not me I took the piss) and then made sure they toed the line and didnt get nicked for the same thing
the knock on effect
Bald tyres, very easy to spot from a police motorcycle as you meander through traffic, then a tug and a chat, and the usual excuses
the knock on effect
and so on
however most of their work was advice, as my mate said the paperwork was a PIA

worst bit he said was fatals
dealing with it
the coroners court
the knock on the door

SO when a traffic cop pulls one of our local estate yobs and they got a bit gobby, a dark cloud came down and they learnt to STFU, and suddenly found that they were provided with a full and free motor vehicle inspection

then some idiot in government cut the numbers and the money
now coppers rush around trying to put out fires

no Beat officers
our local police stations are all closed and sold off to developers who have made vast profits

and you rarely see a cop
In my County we used to get perhaps 2 fatals a month usually DUI or just plain old cocky males driving too fast
1 or 2 a week are the norm

Birdlip Hill
I used to drive up there about 40 to 50 mph, still do
ride the bike up there about 60
now Large German cars tank up there touching 100 to 120 ( been clocked at that)

my present car, the batmobile is equipped with real time tracking ( in case its nicked) which in the case of an accident proves that I am driving sensibly, also when I was last involved in an accident ( hit by a Vulgar 4X4 ) I could not recall where it had happened, as it was well away from my normal area, the tracking data pinged it to within 2 square metres
the car is also fitted with front and rear batcams
again due to the density or morons driving Large German cars aggressively
as the Batmobile already has a long history behind it ( think Blues mobile)
I dont worry too much, and when faced with morons talking on the phone coming towards me, or large 4X4s trying to shove me out of the way, I dont give an inch
having nearly written of my last car care of a Moron texting, who then failed to stop, its ay way of making life difficult for them
hopefully a motorcyclist Will be spared

In motorcycling I am much more cautious than before, and treat all car-drivers as Morons
I keep nice and calm and dont get upset

heres a thought
I used to work for a Large National Company
I could walk through the yard and pick out a car with bald tyres every week , I dont mean on the wear limit I mean bald, speaking to the driver the usual reply was how did that happen ??

one senior person ended up losing his job after I dropped him in it big time for driving a works commercial with steel banding exposed on all four wheels ( I had refused, and told the small man in the big chair to get it uplifted to a garage, and tell the person who drove it there 120 miles he was a Stupid **** of the first order) Yes I know I am not PC

with larger service intervals on cars, and motorists treating them as white goods, its a major problem
again no traffic officers to deal with it

recently I reported a car driver with four bald tyres to the police by email, their reply oh if we spot it we will speak to the driver ??
I spoke to the driver a stupid morbidly obese woman, her excuses ?
oh its going in for an MOT this anyway
So that makes it allright then
her MOT had expired 4 months before? ( I checked online)
the roads of full of these morons

So thats why the batmobile , had the technology installed at great cost
and why my guzzi has loud horns and I treat all car drivers as *****

leave lots of room
watch our for Audis
and go a little slower
ps I did a motorcycle awareness course even after 35 year on the road ( ten years ago) I learnt lots
been riding and driving both here and abroad for 45 years now
the same idiots are about, its just they go faster, much faster

+1 about Audis
Biggest t055ers going, always up your 4rse
2nd, BMW, ditto.
3rd, any large 4x4, Toyota Land Cruiser type of thing etc.
Fourthly, any large Renault estate car, dunno what that’s about.

Definitely +1 on Audis - used to be BMWs, before that it was Volvos (remember?). Then it seems in the last 18 to 12 months it has become Audi drivers that are the worst - most aggressive, arrogant, and plain rude.

I don’t know if the following is true, but the guy who owns the garage where I get my car MOTd told me that now that the MOT has been waived for the lockdown period, the traffic policing has been stepped up to compensate…I’m not riding during the lockdown anyway - it would be sunny wouldn’t it!?

Stay safe

Another Useless Driver Inside!


It sounds like you observed the rules and did nothing wrong, although perhaps post incident you might have learnt to give yourself a few moments. Therefore I have no problem sharing the road with you. We all risk the idiot or the effects of others errors. As we age, our ability to foresee potential ramifications of actions. This is often seen as a loss of confidence, but I believe it to be an increased recognition of life’s fragility. For me, this needs to be tempered by “failing to risk restricts living our life”. The threshold of that risk is down to the individual’s assessment.