Time to replace discs - 1200 Sport

I have been looking around for new discs for the bike and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations or guidance as to is it worth going for a alterative make such as Galfer or Armstrong or to stick with Brembo (pricey) or go for EBC.

Another option is to buy secondhand, but you can’t be sure if they will run true.

Buy new. Old might be warped plus pads will not bit flat.

I have TRW discs to replace Griso discs (same as 1200 Sport) . TRW are European manufacturer for a lot of companies – and fitted by independent garages/mechanics etc. I don’t know current prices but back in 2014 the OE Guzzi cost was a hefty £275 + vat each disc. I had prices for Brembo discs from £320 - £399 pair. Galfer was £190 for one disc, EBC £300 pair, Brembo & Beringer £400 pair. I’m sure prices have increased since 2014. I don’t have invoice to hand for TRW discs but they were a better price. See if motor factors or independent mechanic can give you the cost or maybe you can find online.

Thanks for the additional info, I’ll take a look at the options; I have noticed that some discs come with a dish and other don’t which may be able to sort my issue with caliper alignment :heavy_minus_sign: Front brake disc and calipers - alignment [Sport 1200]
Something to investigate…

I bought stainless steel discs from HMB in Germany for my 950S but I am not sure if they stock 1200 Sport discs (See here)

I bought these discs from AVDB-Moto on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124262734068 £170 inc postage (but despite the seller paying duty our customs charged me £8 more plus handline) they are fine - just as good as the “Braking” ones i had before