timing chain adjuster

hi all, Had a rattle from front of engine, Timing chain ?, took cover of, lo and behold spring loaded adjuster, 1983 Cali 2, on me 89 Cali 3, adjuster of the fixed type, which was replaced with a spring loaded and timing chain, just wondering if any of knowledgeable peeps know or if Guzzi ever fitted a spring loaded adjuster to big block engines
before 1990, anyway after all that, Discovered rattle from clutch, only at tickover so i’ll fix when it warmer, thanks, please excuse any mistakes in note, I be sooner weildin
spanners :blush:

Hi and welcome.
Good news on the clutch.
Different bike but my EV clutch rattled. Not a Ducati rattle but noticeable nonetheless.
Timing chain. This is an interesting read http://www.mgnoc.com/article_taming_the_wild_timing_chain.html
All the best

Most old manual tensioners will have been replaced with the auto ones by now.
Most people know to get rid of the old ones.

The factory replaced the slipper block with like a plastic sprung shoe on the end of a long ‘L’ shaped bracket.

There is an aftermarket bow shaped slipper version I have seen with a coil spring to pull the ends together, and with questionable reliability, which one is yours?

The original slipper block was never a “tensioner” per se but rather was just to take the slack out the chain and stop it whipping, and shouldn’t be tight.If it is, all that happens is rubber is ripped off of it and ends up in the sump. I imagine it was meant to be inspected at regular service intervals and readjusted, but most people (including shop mechanics) couldn’t be asked, so they were often left until start making noises. By which time inside of casing is being eaten away.


thanks for info, the timing chain adjuster is the L shaped in Cali2, the after market tensioner I had fitted to me Cali3 at 60thou miles, and only stopped whining after 20thou miles.clutch rattle is definitely a knock , it doesn’t do it all the time,just now and again, as I said I may have a look in the spring, I also have 1100es quota, and the clutch rattles like Ducati, thats normal. thank you again you guys, just satisfied me curiosity. Tom. : :unamused: