timing chain help


As well as owning a Moto Guzzi Strada 1000 I also have a Laverda 650 Ghost. The issue that I and a number of other Laverda Zane twin owners have is that the Regina cam timing chain (type C107HC) is no longer available. It was pointed out to me that, in the Regina catalogue, the small block V twins use the same chain but with only 82 links. Is this information correct? And is there any problem getting hold of them? If there is, then perhaps if a number of small block owners were to join forces with the Laverda Zane twin owners and the older Laverda 500 model owners, we might be able to persuade Regina to manufacture some more of the C107HC chains, admittedly 3 variants of that would be needed because of the different number of links required but the basic chain is the same.
Would any members be interested? If so please contact me via this sites PM.

If the Regina catalogue information is incorrect and a C107HC chain is not used then please let me know as well. What do owners of these Guzzis use instead of Regina chains of the same size - IWIS maybe?

Perhaps some other models of bike use these Regina chains - Ducati?

Any info on this topic might be useful.