Timing chain replacement

Have traced the source of my annoying rattle to the timing chain touching the casing. Planned to do it in the Autumn but needs to be done now. Current good deals include complete kit of chain, gasket, spring loaded tensioner and locking washer from Stein Diense for 55 Euros, plus the castle nut spanner for £18 from Turbosuzukis. Will also be doing the sump spacer and checking the rearsing drive, all while the sun is shining.

My auto tensioner i’ve just fitted whines like a bugger, not happy :imp:

Is it something you said to it.

I’ve fitted a couple of auto tensioners to my bikes over the years, they usually whine when new then settle down, I wouldn’t worry about it,

Have fitted several Stucci tensioners over the years, as Phil says they tend to whine for a few hundred miles then settle down, might pretend I have straight cut gears? Only dodgy one was a black non named one fitted to a Spada, the spring let go, got caught in the chain and ripped the oil pump off its mounting. Was sat at Oxford services for 6 hours waiting for RAC. :angry:

Will put some miles on her and see what happens, must admit i wondered if that was the case.
Strange that the other one i fitted was silent from the word go ?

I’ve just replaced the cam chain on my T3. Beware the cheap IWIS chains - they are split roller and made to loose tolerances. One I bought had more ‘slack’ in it when new than a well worn Regina.
I eventually got a new Regina chain from Motomecca.

I also replaced the bow type tensioner with a new Cali type as I was sick of the whining noise. I also needed a new oil pump as the rear edge of the gears was well worn - possibly due to the over tight bow tensioner - the chain was extremely tight with no give at all.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

The chain I have from Steine Diense is IWIS, not split roller and seems well made (in Germany). Don’t know if there are Eastern made copies out there? Will let you know how the fitting goes.

Now have to make a choice, have unearthed my spare timing chain, an original Rover 2000 lower timing chain, still in its oiled paper packing, which is identical to the IWIS one but is made by Morse and seems more substantial, less sideways flex and proper rivets rather than end punched ones. Was surprised to find these are still available on E-Bay for £16.

Morse is a name i associated with quality chain