Timing Chain

Anyone know where I can get a new timing chain for my V50 3
It’s a duplex. Usual suppliers are out of stock?

Motomecca, Gutsibits would be the usual source.
Can you get it from a chain supplier, like the chain-man?

Will try chain man Monday.

Also try a Mercedes dealer. The duplex chain on certain models will fit and it also comes with a joining link. Price should be below £40.

I have sent a pm. Do you know which model?

Recommend chain man. Very helpful and good service.

He is usually very good. Not someone that Guzzi owners usually have much to do with.
It was a culture shock when I bought a Bonneville and to get used to chain sprays and tensioning drive chains!

Hi, resurrecting this thread as I am intending to do some work on my 750T in the next few weeks. Putting back on a standard airbox, oil change and new battery. Decided as the bike has had a hard life from previous owners, (you would know what I mean if you saw it !), that I would replace the timing chain at the same time. Seems sensible as the cost will not be too much. I shall be at Kempton this Saturday, so will see Andy (The Chain Man). Had a look through the manual, doesn’t give the spec. I suppose to be sure perhaps I should just whip the cover off and see what’s there if no-one has a definitive answer.

Andy the “Chain Man” is the best option. Speak to him, as I did, and he will explain the options. I sent my chain to him as a pattern and he tested it. It passed with flying colours and he sent it back FOC.
Great service.

Yes, I had talked to him at the last Kempton, but there were a couple of different options for the small blocks weren’t there ? Single and duplex. He didn’t have mine listed. I think I shall just take the old one off first. It’s not raining at the moment :confused:
Agree his service is brilliant.

There is no easy way to check if it’s single or duplex. Engine numbers “should” tell you but to be safe take the front cover off and look. :unamused: